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October 13, 2009


- Bright, colorful graphics

- My kids really got into it



- For my age bracket, the mini-games were either too hard or too easy



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Squeeballs Party

Score: 7.5 / 10


squeeballs          squeeballs


Make no mistake: Squeeballs Party is a game for kids. It is not the kind of game that should be reviewed by adults. Or more precisely, individuals in the enthusiast press that consider themselves to be adults. The two can be very, very different.


In the spirit of full disclosure, Squeeballs Party arrived in a wooden crate that was packed with Squeeball stuffies -- stuffies that the kids took to throwing at each




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other immediately and thereby capturing the point of Squeeballs in short order. The game features 11 main games, with variations of each to bring the mini-game total to about 150 games, which was plenty for my kids.


There's bowling, golf, cannon, Paint by Squeeballs, cooking (kind of disturbing when you think about it), a


variation on bowling called "Crazy Lanes", pumping, Squeeball Testing Belt, shock, feeding frenzy, and Stampede.  Basically it amounts to flinging, hitting or otherwise abusing defenseless Squeeballs.


Maybe the game's biggest problem, writing as the parent of four kids, is that they often hit walls when it came to unlocking more of the challenges.  They definitely had their favorites.


squeeballs          squeeballs


My seven-year old daughter couldn't get enough of the cooking mini-games, which most often tasks players with grinding up Squeeballs and feeding the remains to a bigger Squeeball. (Removing the boiled skeleton from a pot... never thought I'd see something like that in a kids game, even if it is handled like a cartoon.)  My ten-year old is starting to really take his role of "critic" with a great deal of seriousness. He spoke to me for about fifteen minutes presenting his case for why Paint by Squeeballs is the best mode since it "simulates the real effects of a slingshot" and something other points that I followed up with, "So, do you like the game?"  Proving he may have a future in the enthusiast press he said, "Yep, it's at least a seven point five out of ten."  When pressed on why that score in particular he responded:


"It just feels like a seven point five."


Even I managed to get slapped by the difficulty of some of the games, but at least Squeeballs is a game I can play with my kids and have them excited about playing it.  Some of the games I've subjected my kids to, it's very obvious by their expressions they've figured out that I'm using them as interns. They actually want to play Squeeballs and it shows.


The graphics are big and bright for the most part, the actions required are (mostly) large and sweeping, and the rules straightforward enough that even the kids too young to read know what to do when it's explained to them. I have no problem recommending the title for kids. Just a warning to parents, you may have to step in and offer some help with the trickier challenges.


- Aaron Simmer

(November 23, 2009)


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