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Ubisoft Montreal



E +10 (Everyone)



May 28, 2007



- Kids can just pick up and start playing

- Does for surfing what Disney Extreme Skate Adventure did for skateboarding



- Limited number of modes

- Appeal is limited to the younger crowd because the challenge is wanting for more experienced gamers



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Surf's Up

Score: 7.0 / 10


surf's up wii review     surf's up wii review     surf's up wii review


Surfís Up! is a tie-in with the recent animated film of the same name about surfing penguins.  Though I missed it, the basic premise is almost enough for a game all by itself.


The game is clearly not aimed at the core gamer Ė though if you want a summation, itís like a less-taxing Transworld Surf, the way Disney's Skate Adventure made the Tony Hawk games accessible to younger players.  The parents of the pre-teen crowd can purchase it without any qualms about possibly warping a youngsterís mind Ė itís a straight-up movie tie-in thatís easy for kids to 




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pick up and start playing; making progress through the game at a steady rate is within the grasp of most 7 and 8-year olds.


There is some variation but the basic gameplay consists of riding a really long wave to the finish line, grabbing score multipliers, performing tricks off the top of the wave (or any handy objects nearby), 


and generally having fun without being frustrated, thanks to the simple approach and controls that arenít gimmicky, which tends to be a danger with every Wii title.


Like the more mature games in the genre, Surfís Up! also has unlockable content and new items to purchase.  Itís for kids, so itís not difficult to unlock most of the stuff in a few hours of play, but this isnít one of those games thatís aimed at me, at the older, core gamer.  On that point I could rip Surfís Up! a new bellybutton, but what would be the use when the kids like it?  No use.


- Omni

(July 19, 2007)


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