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Raw Thrills / Leviathan Games



M (Mature)



April 22, 2008



- Merely okay as a (rented) two-player game



- Stuttering framerates are a real cause for frustration

- Mini-games that pop-up and pop-off without warning

- It's four years old and hasn't been updated to any degree as far as I can tell



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Target: Terror

Score: 4.0 / 10


It has the feel of an old Midway arcade light gun game, with a series of pre-rendered backgrounds and composited, real-world actors popping up from behind barrels, spraying hot lead in your general direction of leaping up right in front of you with a revving chainsaw but Target: Terror fails to bring anything exciting to the genre and isn't competent enough to classify as campy fun.


target terror          target terror


One of the biggest problems with Target: Terror -- a port of a four-year old arcade game -- is the arcade limitation of limited credits.  On the "easy" setting, players have 30 continues to finish the game.  But there are larger problems that 




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plague Target: Terror including framerate stutters that are unforgiveable in a game where accuracy is such a key component.  It results in being hit by as-yet-unseen foes because they started shooting before they even showed up.  To top it off, just as you get into a groove you may accidently trigger a mini-game.


Activating a mini-game feels completely 


random.  After (unintentionally) blasting 30 windows a mini-game started -- had to lob flaming cannonballs at criss-crossing golf carts in the distance.  Once the mini-game concludes, players are dropped right back into the action.  This reviewer is not sure why, but it would have made more sense to have a notification indicating a mini-game was unlocked rather than jerk your attention away from the main game.


target terror          target terror


As with any game of this strife, the two-player mode elevates the experience.  Arguing over who should get the machine gun, flame thrower, freeze gun, or extra health makes Target: Terror feel okay -- not mind-blowing, merely tolerable.


- D.D. Nunavut

(May 26, 2008)


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