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E +10 (Everyone)



January 15, 2007



- The wacky, good-natured fun returns!

- Has never looked better

- Multiplayer included

- Many unlockable side games



- Pacing isn't nearly as fast as we've come to expect from the series

- "Boss" games to complete each batch of microgames are pretty limp



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WarioWare Smooth Moves

Score: 8.5 / 10


warioware smooth moves          warioware smooth moves


WarioWare Smooth Moves is everything you’d expect from the series that was founded on pulse-like microgames that rely on quick reflexes and accuracy.  Smooth Moves features the same wacky style and sensibility of the other WarioWare games; the humor is the consistent; characters make triumphant returns and look better than ever; and it’s a ton of fun.


And you knew this was coming, but


It’s not quite a frenetic as we’ve come to expect from the WarioWare series.  This can be traced back to the necessity of using the Wii-mote in a dozen or so




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different positions for the microgames.


Prior to the start of each microgame a card flashes up to clue the player in as to what position the Wii-mote should start from.  For example, “The Remote” tells you to hold the Wii-mote like a remote; “The Umbrella” means you hold it like an umbrella; and “The Samurai” means you hold the Wii-mote at


your opposite hip and slash out at the right moment.  Early on these clues come up and stay on-screen so an extended period of time, later it speeds up.


As each new one is introduced, a Barry White-esque voice explains the new technique.  The description’s are funny, but it slows down the pacing.  (Once you’ve played through the initial round of microgames the description is dropped.)  Experienced players will likely blast through the series of microgames in very short order – maybe a couple of hours.  It’s not until you go back and tackle each stage of microgames that you can expect even a medium amount of challenge as the speed ramps up and you have to get your whole body moving.  Throw in some multiplayer and you’re really in for some fun.


warioware smooth moves          warioware smooth moves


There are also a host of extra challenges to unlock that are still skilled-based and take some precision to complete.  There’s not much more to shoot for other than a highscore.  Even with little in the way of motivation, some of these can be played for hours at a time and at least one of them bodes well for the possibility of a full-fledge Duck Hunt sequel.


If you’re a WarioWare fan, Smooth Moves ramps up very slowly but when it’s firing on all pistons… great fun.


- Omni

(February 7, 2007)


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