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July 26, 2009



- More than a dozen fun games

- The Wii Motion Plus add-on is great



- Insulting intro video

- Wakeboarding is too hard



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Wii Sports Resort

Score: 9.0 / 10


wii sports resort          wii sports resort


I was just a little insulted with Wii Sports Resort’s unskippable introduction, which guides first time users and complete morons through the oh, so complicated process of plugging in the included Wii Motion Plus and slipping on the extra big rubber “jacket”.  But what’s even more disappointing is that there hasn’t been a cavalcade of parody videos.  Yes, the extra sensitivity – 1-to-1 motion control –




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really does feel good and there’s a noticeable difference between the regular Wii Remote controls and the Wii Motion Plus, but why can’t I just skip the video?


Once that unpleasantness is behind you, Wii Sports Resort offers hours of fun for kids, the hardcore, and all those seniors out there that


fight over the Wii at their retirement communities.


I gravitated toward the more “difficult” games like Archery, Frisbee, Golf and Basketball but I still had fun with the games my kids gravitated toward: Swordplay, Table Tennis, Cycling, Wakeboarding, and Air Sports.


wii sports resort          wii sports resort


Every game – even Power Cruising and Canoeing – feels so right, particularly Archery where the motions are exactly those of using a bow and the game does these simple depth of field effects to make it feel even more like you’re involved with a game rather some really clever tech demos.


I’ll single-out Wakeboarding as the one game that is completely impossible to play with any kind of competence, even with practice.  I flubbed my way through with a high score of 300 points.  My 10-year old son, on his first try, scored 1,300 points.  It goes without saying that I haven’t touched Wakeboarding since and I’ll only play Swordplay and Archery where I can totally annihilate him.  I’m petty that way.


Lots of fun, there’s really no reason not to get Wii Sports Resort because you get a lot of fun games to play and you get the Wii Motion Plus, which will no doubt come into use with a lot of future Wii games.


- Aaron Simmer

(August 27, 2009)


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