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THQ San Diego



T (Teen)



March 29, 2011



- Fun, colourful graphics
- Faithful to the franchise
- Making matches from your dreams



- Control has issues
- Limited depth for some
- Poor sound design



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WWE All-Stars

Score: 6.5 / 10


wwe all-stars          wwe all-stars


It’s hard to believe that the last wrestling game that I spent a lot of time with was “Bop’n Wrestle” on the Commodore 64. Reviewing this game brought me right back to the glory days of wrestling games, and certainly brought a smile to my face.

Sure, the graphics are way better and this one has the licensed characters you love and remember like Hulk Hogan, but at the core it’s really the same. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, mind you.

You’re going to have to use either a Wiimote + Nunchuk, Classic Controller or GameCube controller in this game. The controls are easy enough to use although




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for me it wasn’t clearly evident on the screen that I needed to perform a finishing move at the right time to “finish him” – and even then, having figured that out, I wasn’t sure how to perform said move. It’s been a while since I had to actually check one of those “control scheme” screens but once I figured it out I was good to go.

The characters available


in this game cover decades of wrestling, so you are no doubt going to be entertained and educated about the past if you aren’t up to snuff with your wrestlers. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper is there, and of course Macho Man just to name two.

For something a little different you can try the “Path of Champions” mode to become WWE Champion, the World Heavyweight Champion or the WWE Tag Tag Champion. The choices here are nice and it all works well for a game that delivers a more arcade-like experience.


wwe all-stars           wwe all-stars


If you are looking for something that has the depth of the SmackDown vs. Raw series, you will be disappointed. If you want to enjoy the entertainment value of the WWE with current and past characters, then there is a lot of fun to be had here overall without too much frustration.

I haven’t tried the other versions but the sound design (with commentary from Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler) leaves a bit to be desired. I’m not sure if it can be attributed to the fact that it’s on the “Wii” but I think that part of the game could have been improved to make the overall experience a bit better.

Overall, the game is a bit above average. If you love the license, you’ll have fun and you’ll forgive some of the issues. If you can’t wait to be The Undertaker, or Randy Savage or even Jake the Snake then this game will leave you howling in (and out) of the ring.


- Syd Bolton

(August 22, 2011)

Syd Bolton is Canada’s top videogame collector who surrounds himself in thousands of classic video games at the Personal Computer Museum (http://www.pcmuseum.ca/) in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.


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