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November 24, 2009



- Burn some calories

- Easy setup

- Paves the way for Carmen Electra's Pole Dancing



- Need quite a bit of space

- A set of weights would have been a great addition

- The name



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Your Shape

Score: 8.0 / 10


my shape          my shape


One of the exercise programs for Your Shape (featuring Jenny McCarthy) is labelled "Get Bikini Ready." While the thought of getting my bod into the state of bikini readiness makes even me a little nauseous -- the waxing alone... oh, man... -- I can't help but think Your Shape might not be targeted at a guy like me. "Active Mom Routine" kind of cements that.


Still, I approached Your Shape with an open mind.


Hooking-up the little USB camera, "scanning" my body into the game, and setting up my personalized exercise program took very little effort. Being about 6'4" I had to




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push back some furniture to I could stand far enough away from the camera to have myself scanned.  Then with a cartoon avatar of Jenny McCarthy pushing me along I began an epic quest re-shape myself.


All movement is captured by the camera and on-screen cues are always giving you some kind of target pose or how far you should be


flapping your limbs. Having that real-time feedback (along with Jenny's quips) is a great way to see if you're doing the exercise correctly.


Unless you have some free weights, Your Shape is focused on aerobic exercises -- fat burning rather than muscle making. Jumping jacks, high steps, pretending to run, etc. The addition of some weights to the exercises make for a more intense, sweaty workout. If you have those handy, great!  If not, I'd recommend going out and getting some and possibly one of those big inflatable exercise balls because you'll get far more out of the program if you use them.


The real test of any exercise game is whether it works. That's a pretty simple measure. Getting on a scale pretty much tells you everything you need to know. Over the month I've played with Your Shape, I have definitely lost a few pounds. Considering this ran through the gorging and drinking season, I'd have to say it was successful.  The real test is whether the weight continues to drop off during the next few months.  Maybe I will be "bikini ready" come this summer!


One can only hope a sequel incorporates a waxing kit of some kind and possibly some free weights to really make this a super exercise program because the camera works really well, plotting an exercise program is simple, and the stripped-down aesthetic allow you to concentrate on the exercises.


- Aaron Simmer

(January 13, 2010)


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