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March 2, 2010



- More comedy than I expected, usually at the expense of Modern Warfare 2

- DICE makes awesome multiplayer

- Destructible environments are awesome



- Some unfair checkpoints

- Not being able to issue even basic commands to AI buddies

- You'll need to put in some time with multiplayer to actually start having fun with it



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Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Score: 8.5


battlefield bad company 2          battlefield bad company 2


Sometimes I really wish I could just turn off the critical part of my brain when playing a game, especially when I'm having fun. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 leaps around the world during its single-player campaign in an effort to show off scenery (and a glimpse of the multiplayer environments) and offers only the slimmest plot connections between locations.

I actually have no problem with this globe trotting -- you're a soldier and you go where you're told; I've swallowed that premise a thousand times -- but it just feels




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silly to the critical side of my brain.

The Aurora Device, some kind of experimental weapon out of WWII, at the center of the action is another prime example. In the opening chapter, when the device is activated it causes a massive wave, hundreds of feet high. All through the game I'm thinking, "Yeah, I want to get my hands on this before the


enemy does because controlling water like that could obliterate coastal cities and lock-down ocean shipping, which would in turn cripple the world economy!" I was over-thinking it. Then I arrived at the end of the game and the Aurora Device is used again, only this time it's just your garden variety electromagnetic pulse. Ho hum. I was disappointed that the game didn't end with Bad Company riding a massive wave and shooting enemies off surfboards.

The points in-between I actually enjoyed, especially because using (and obliterating cover) is used so effectively throughout. Not everything in the environment is destructible but enough of it is to make even simple engagements far more interesting than they should be. At one point I was completely pinned down inside a building where an exit out the front would have meant instant death. I punched a hole in the back of the building with a remote charge and escaped to a better position then completely destroy the building where most of the enemy fire was coming from. These moments are what made the game so fun for me. Well, that and the constant ribbing of Modern Warfare 2 and a couple of lines directly aimed at Ubisoft.

The single-player makes a good primer for the online experience. But just like paint, it's only the base coat; you'll have to put in some time with the multiplayer before you'll have any level of success. With more than a dozen vehicles and many customizable options in terms of equipment and weapons, and a selection of maps that require varying tactics, you might have some work ahead of you in figuring out how all of it "works."


battlefield bad company 2          battlefield bad company 2

Tactical coordination is something else though. Having a group of dedicated players makes all the difference in the world. I've had a few of these experiences and enjoyed them tremendously but it seems that every server has one or two people that just don't get it. Those fools that jump in a helicopter and immediately dust off or run off on their own, taking the lone wolf approach. (Tip: A lone wolf is a dead wolf.) Getting some firepower in the air and working with a ground squad, that's where Bad Company 2 shines -- partially destroying a building to force the enemy out in the open to be taken out by ground squad makes for some great gaming.

Having only been out for less than a month, the dust definitely hasn't settled on Bad Company 2's multiplayer and the basics are so good that chances of a strong community building around the game appears to be inevitable. DICE also has a long history of supporting their games and there are already plans in place to offer DLC in the coming months. This has all the markings of a long-term investment in fun.

- Aaron Simmer

(March 25, 2010)


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