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July 27, 2010



- Boss battles in the second half of the game are mildly entertaining



- First half of the game is completely uninteresting and forgettable button-mashing boredom
- Navigating through Medusa level is utterly confusing
- Co-op play doesn’t perform as intended
- Cut-scenes are completely awful
- One of the worst final boss battles ever



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Clash of the Titans

Score: 5.0 / 10


clash of the titans          clash of the titans


It's very easy to see that one of the distant inspirations for the first God of War game was the cheesy-yet-somewhat-entertaining 1981 movie, Clash of the Titans, with its mythological gods versus man storyline. Not so ironic, then, that when there was the inevitable videogame made from the Clash of the Titans movie remake in 2010, it drew its gameplay inspiration from the God of War gaming franchise.

However, there's nothing inspired at all in the Clash of the Titans videogame, which is not anything more than yet another in a long, long, long procession of awful




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movie-based titles that totally disrespects instead of paying honorable homage to its God of War muse.

Following the Greek mythology story of the movie, Clash of the Titans tells the tale of first the defeat of the Greek Titans by their sons – Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, the bad-asses of the Greek gods. Quickly the shift becomes the life of Perseus, who


was born of a union between a human mother and Zeus. Perseus gets tangled in the new war declared on the gods by King Cepheus, and the game tracks his journey to revenge Zeus for killing his human family. The story is shown through some of the choppiest, completely awful cut-scenes; voices don't match the moving mouths of the talking characters, there's nonsensical pausing of dialog, and terrible voice-acting; it's just an all-around atrocity.

As in God of War, there will be tons of Greek mythological creatures for Perseus to fight along the way, including Medusa and the Kraken along with minor creatures such as harpies, and of course fights against Hades and Perseus' father, Zeus. There are allies that will assist Perseus from the movie (Io and the winged stallion, Pegasus), although in actual gameplay, they really aren't much help at all.

When there are opportunities for co-op gameplay, the camera is a schizophrenic disaster, never seemingly knowing which one of the two gamers to follow, causing all kinds of "cheap" deaths. Even worse, the second player has nowhere near the power of Perseus in either weaponry or magic, leaving the secondary gamer feeling more than a little inadequate.

Besides the similar hack & slash gameplay, there's absolutely nothing in Clash of the Titans that can compare favorably to God of War gaming. Missions are many times completely idiotic and time-wasters in the first half of the game, seemingly tacked on just to drag out total gameplay hours. In one inane mission, gamers have to go and collect fish for a gluttonously hungry comrade. Many others are nothing more than scouting missions with an annoying collective of enemies impeding the way.


clash of the titans          clash of the titans

If gamers can make it through the monotonous first half of the game, though, at least there are some much better boss battles throughout the second half of Clash of the Titans, although most are not difficult at all. In fact, what should be the hardest two fights facing gamers the battle versus the humongous water creature, the Kraken, and the finale where Perseus squares off against the supposedly most powerful of the gods, Zeus – are ridiculously easy. The Zeus fight has got to be the easiest boss fight ever, requiring a simple, timed button-pressing exercise that lasts all of about one minute. Not exactly a memorable way to wrap up a long gaming adventure.

With a main weapon as Perseus' disposal being a sword, it's the sub-weapons that pack a much bigger wallop. Included in these are hammers, dual swords, bows, axes and even unconventional battle armaments, procured from fallen mythical foes: scorpion's tails and harpy wings. Along the way, weapons can get upgraded, and unleash meter-filled attacks that zap enemies, assisting gamers in more easily defeating foes. Gameplay is all standard hack & slash: gamers smash and pound enemies until they perish. Clobber a particular enemy enough, and they get caught in a dazed glow, when the gamer can walk right on up and initiate a finishing move that involves pressing a button with somewhat perfect timing a few times that will trigger a death-blow cut-scene that kills the enemy and grabs any weapon from them. After about the fourth time seeing the same exact death cut-scene, gamers will quickly tire of constantly seeing it over and over, though.

Like Icarus, a Greek mythological youngster that fatally didn't heed his father's warning but somehow had the good sense to avoid appearing in any variety of Clash of the Titans, this movie-to-videogame translation thought it could soar gaming-quality heights to the hot brilliance of God of War. But just like the doomed Icarus, that quest ended in a heap of utter failure that befalls so many of the infamous movie-to-videogame genre titles. With uninteresting and lackluster hack & slash gameplay, along with a below-average presentation that's amateurish at best, Clash of the Titans is even more unremarkable than its mediocre movie counterpart, and the game's developers should be embarrassed that this is the best they could conceive in a extremely flawed attempt to imitate the God of War franchise.

- Lee Cieniawa

(November 9, 2010)


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