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Capcom Vancouver (formerly Blue Castle Games)



M (Mature)



December 27, 2010



- Frank West and Chuck Greene make a good team

- New weapon combos

- A lot of the "chores" have be stripped out



- Not being able to play as Frank West in single-player

- A lot of the risk/reward that the chores represented are gone

- The ending didn't really offer any satisfaction (but if hints at Dead Rising 3 with Frank as the central character)



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Dead Rising 2: CASE WEST

Score: 8.5 / 10


dead rising 2 case west          dead rising 2 case west


Dead Rising 2: Case West is a stand-alone epilogue for Dead Rising 2 that bridges the characters and events of the original game. That's a thumbnail description. In reality it's a high-fiving action buddy flick where the viewer waits for the "I've covered wars," line and cracks a smile when it finally happens.


Case West is all about action, creating combo weapons, and just messing around




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with a buddy; everything else is secondary.


There's no constant back and forth to the safe room with Survivors in tow. Survivors know the complex, they might ask for assistance or provide some kind of fetch quest, but once they've been "rescued" they make their own way to safety. And there's no constant hunt for Zombrex.


Basically, anything that


might have got in the way of having fun in the full game or even Case Zero has been stripped out and replaced with wide-open spaces filled with zombies begging to be splattered or electrocuted or gunned down or turned into goo or set on fire.

Case West starts players at level 40, with plenty of inventory slots and lots of health so there isn't really any need to grind through sections of the game to boost your stats. Again, developer Blue Castle has removed the chores and placed the emphasis on just having fun.


dead rising 2 case west          dead rising 2 case west

The camera feature from Frank's sojourn in Willamette makes an appearance but beyond earning an Achievement for taking snaps of all the PP stickers in the game I'm at a loss as to its usefulness. I did enjoy trying to line up shots of Frank performing a somersault kick but I'm not sure if it actually serves a useful purpose. Bear in mind that I played Case West by myself and have yet to play as Frank who is supposed to be collecting evidence so maybe there's something to it other than bulking up the photo album. (It's fun playing a game before anyone else but it's quite a challenge to take advantage of co-op when you're one of a handful of people playing it.)

As a Dead Rising fan I appreciate the basics of exploring and messing around with different weapons and just having fun. And while the conclusion isn't really satisfying the enjoyment getting there lets me give Case West a recommendation.

- Aaron Simmer

(December 28, 2010)


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