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June 28, 2011



- Lots of pilots and Gundams
- Lots of action on-screen at once
- Upgrading your Gundam is quite cool



- Very repetitive hack'n slash game
- I felt some Gundams felt pretty unbalanced
- Lack of stage variety



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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3

Score: 6.5 / 10


dynasty warriors gundam 3         


Dynasty Warriors is a game series that's pretty much been beaten to death with its multiple sequels, yet there's no sign of an end to this series. Koei decided to mix things up this generation when they introduced Dynasty Warriors Gundam which of course is practically the same thing, but with mechs.

The story is a real mess, but when it's a game that brings together a bunch of Gundam series together, it's to be expected so don't go in expecting the quality of any of the animes (although I admit I only have seen Gundam Wing and Gundam Seed). You don't have to be a fan of every series to know that enemies and rivals are on opposite sides, a pretty basic formula. Besides, nobody is playing a hack'n




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slash game for its storyline anyways.

I've played the regular DW series before, but never any of the Gundam related ones and it's very similar except with some obvious differences like piloting a huge mobile suit. There are a ton of mobile suits to choose from, but you have to earn the right to pilot them by obtaining plans.


Plans can be used to


unlock suits and better plans will allow higher max capacity stats for upgrades. There are stars on each plan and the more stars shown, the better the plan. Plans are obtained by defeating important enemies in battle. For example: Defeat Trowa Barton and you'll get a plan for Heavy Arms. You can also sell obsolete plans for money which can be used to upgrade your stats as well as skills.


Another way to earn money is to complete a mission and the more missions completed, pilots and Gundams you obtain, the more experience you will have using a variety of mobile suits and eventually you might find yourself sticking to just one of them like I did after a while. I always used Heero Yui as my pilot, but since my Gundam was already upgraded, I decided to have Heero pilot the X Gundam instead of Heero's trademark mobile suit Wing Zero. Some characters can be unlocked as partners who can aid you in battle once the partner bar is filled up by destroying enemies. You can also combine super attacks with nearby important allies.


dynasty warriors gundam 3          dynasty warriors gundam 3


Each level is pretty much the same thing over and over again and I thought I would be bored within minutes, but I surprisingly found myself pretty entertained until I made my Gundam too powerful, which got tiresome and I didn't really feel the urge to take too many new Gundams out for a spin and level them up as well. On those days when I'm frustrated and just need some time to kill I can see myself slicing through a bunch of mechs. There's also an online option if you feel like playing with others if you get bored on your lonesome.

The graphics make good use of cel-shading, which is pretty appropriate for anime, but nothing really stood out to me other than the actual Gundams themselves.


As always with anime type stuff, voice acting ranges from good to bad. The music was more prominent to me.

I would definitely not pay full pop for this game, but if you can get it on sale and if you are in the mood to beat the crap out of things and are a fan of Gundam, then this game might be worth your time.


- J'Tonello

(October 17, 2011)

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