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November 24, 2010



- Great story
- Great graphics
- Good value especially with 3D option



- Turns the main game into a stealth shooter
- Combat not very well developed
- You arenít buying it for some reason



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Enslaved DLC: Pigsy's   Perfect 10

Score: 7.0 / 10


enslaved pigsy's perfect 10          enslaved pigsy's perfect 10


I told you last time to rush out and buy Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and some of you did. Most of you didnít. If you didnít buy it, go out and get the discounted version and then buy this DLC. Itís actually like an entirely different game Ė which is both good and bad.

You play as Pigsy Ė a character you meet in the later part of Enslaved. This story (also excellent like the original game) takes place prior to the events of the main game and has Pigsy, romping around in his junk yard, looking for parts to build a




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perfect companion.

In contrast to the lush greens of the first game, this one has a decidedly brown and rust tone to it. The graphics are amazing (and a good utilization of the Unreal engine) but the general tone of this DLC is different from the main event in a number of ways. Over the four to five hours youíll spend on this you will mostly determine how to take out


enemies with strategic headshots or you might want to be stealthy and avoid them altogether.

This character plays very differently than Monkey, so it really does give the feeling of an entirely different game. If you were expecting more Monkey, youíre getting Pigsy instead and in my opinion that works just fine.

This DLC also has an option for playing in 3D. The best part? You donít need an actual 3D TV to do so Ė you can use anaglyph 3D glasses (not included) and get the 3D effect on your standard 2D TV. Thatís pretty cool.


enslaved pigsy's perfect 10          enslaved pigsy's perfect 10


Overall, it might not be Pigsyís Perfect 10 Ė but itís definitely a solid 7 and worth downloading if you have the original game. Again, if you donít, go get it please. You wonít regret it.


- Syd Bolton

(February 22, 2011)

Syd Bolton is Canadaís top videogame collector who surrounds himself in thousands of classic video games at the Personal Computer Museum (http://www.pcmuseum.ca) in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.


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