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Q4 2007



- Be-a-Pro Mode is very entertaining and demanding

- Very good online play

- Packs in just about everything you could ever want from a soccer game



- Will definitely overwhelm any newcomers

- Corner kicks could still use some work



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FIFA Soccer 08

Score: 9.0 / 10


fifa soccer 08          fifa soccer 08


FIFA Soccer 08 is so good it may even impress non-fans of the sport, but it’s sure to impress the die-hards – it’s so packed with content that you’d be hard pressed to even scratch the surface of FIFA 08, the best looking soccer title to date.


My favorite mode is Be-a-Pro mode, where you assume control of only one player on the team.  Maybe you’re the star forward; maybe you’re part of the reliable defense.  Either way, the game plays dramatically different than having a wide view of the field and control over all the players.  It also forces you to play as part of the team because no matter how good you are at the subtle manipulation of the controls required for the truly finesse play you’ll always need to pass.  I fought 




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the constant urge to go end-to-end to try for a spectacular goal just because of the fact I’m only controlling one guy.  That might be okay in a hockey game, but it sure doesn’t work for soccer.


For the more traditional and picky player, EA has packed in a ton of modes, authentic player and stadium recreations, and 30 league licenses 


populated with approximately 14,000 players.  The only omission might be the lack of international teams like Saudi Arabia .


Those wanting an arcade experience should move right along.  EA Canada has refined the “no magic passes” concept to near perfection.  The ball can easily get away from you and passes are never guaranteed to get to the person you intend.  But the tempo is just right, so the back and forth gameplay isn’t like watching tennis but it isn’t as slow as previous FIFA games.


fifa soccer 08          fifa soccer 08


As good as the gameplay and visual presentation is, the audio matches both.  The announcers – Andy Gray and Martin Tyler – are on top of their game.  Close your eyes and just listening to this game is like listening to a televised match, complete with team chants.


Overall great stuff and it makes you wonder how EA will improve upon this… maybe they should start with improving the corner kicks.


- D.D. Nunavut

(March 25, 2008)


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