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February 25, 2008



- Online play

- Visuals

- Great variety of vehicles



- Short campaign

- Stiff competition from other games



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Frontlines: Fuel of War

Score: 8.0 / 10


frontlines fuel of war          frontlines fuel of war


Frontlines: Fuel of War looks ahead into the future and places you in the shoes of a coalition soldier during a war between the US and its allies against Russia and China for control of oil resources.


Unlike Battlefield 2, Frontlines: Fuel of War takes place in the future and itís clearly shown by the different vehicles and weapons, even if many of the vehicles are reminiscent of modern vehicles such as humvees and tanks.


Also unlike Battlefield 2, the Campaign attempts to have a narrative and numerous cut-scenes through which the story is told. While the single-player Campaign attempts to stand out, itís clear that the focus has been put on the multiplayer portion of the game. The 7 to 10 hour single-player campaign 




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missions occur over vast environments involving dozens of soldiers and vehicles. The purpose of each map is to capture control points. The single player missions are a little taste of whatís to come in the online portion of the game. (There are a fair number of Achievements to be collected through the single-player Campaign, so if youíre into collecting achievements 


then Frontlines: Fuel of Warís campaign may have your attention for a while.)


The online play supports up to 50 players, which is a big leap from most first-person shooters, which mostly support 16 players, and like the single-player Campaign, each of the online maps has opposing teams pitted against each other vying for control points.


Frontlines: Fuel of War lets you choose six classes of soldiers, including sniper, anti-vehicle, and assault. With 50 players running around a map, teamwork is essential to success. In both the single player and online play you can also take control of unmanned vehicles such as drones or RC cars. The unmanned vehicles can carry explosives and cause a devastating blow against enemies. Much like Call of Duty 4, you can also direct air-strikes at enemy positions. The online performance is quite impressive and even with 50 players, Frontlines: Fuel of War proves to have a memorable online experience.


frontlines fuel of war          frontlines fuel of war


The visuals are quite solid. They donít offer the same detail as games such as Call of Duty 4, but Frontlines: Fuel of War still looks good. The visuals stay pretty solid throughout the large firefights youíll experience in the single player and multiplayer campaign. The audio is top-notch. The in-game sounds are excellent, but the voice acting is a little over the top and a bit cheesy.


Frontlines: Fuel of War was designed with multiplayer junkies in mind. The single player wonít hold your attention for very long, but the online play is certainly the main attraction. If youíre in the market for another first person shooter heavily focused on multiplayer, then Frontlines is certainly worth checking out.


- Siddharth Masand

(May 22, 2008)


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