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June 25 2007



- It's a short romp with easy Achievement points

- Looks pretty good



- Controls that are ham-fisted and completely ignore other console first-person shooters

- Character classes that don't make that much of a difference

- Erratic enemy AI that will often spawn in areas that have already been cleared out

- Can't go prone?!?



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Hour of Victory

Score: 3.5 / 10


Some games just come out.  Somehow they land on shelves with nary a PR campaign or any advanced warning.  World War II shooter Hour of Victory is one of those games.  And after playing it, there are some obvious “flourishes” that indicate Hour of Victory was only about 45 minutes complete before it was unceremoniously pushed out the door.


Using the Unreal 3 engine, developer nFusion has done a good job creating some interesting (and relatively non-interactive) environments to travel through with one of three different characters.


hour of victory          hour of victory


The actual difference between the characters is negligible in practice but they fit into the sniper, covert op, and gung-ho soldier paradigms – the covert op can use knives and travels with a silenced machine gun; the gung-ho solider sports a machine gun and can absorbed damage like a sponge; the sniper comes with,




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what else, a sniper gun.  Each of them also have a special skill such as the sniper’s ability to climb ropes to reach better vantage points or the covert ops ability to pick locks.  Occasionally this can mean a slightly different, but not always easier, path opens up through a level though it often doesn’t feel like it matters.  Only a couple of times are their levels


tailored specifically to a character, but they don’t feel unique enough that only that character could take it on.


There are a host of other problems that plague the game from start to finish.  Chief among these is a control sensitivity which actually accelerates as you aim.  Start turning and the crosshairs moves slowly then rapidly gains momentum and speed making quick, accurate shots a tall order.  (Going back to a 360 launch title, Call of Duty 2, there’s better control from start to finish.)  nFusion also has a thing against going prone.  In any of their games that I’ve played there’s no prone position; kneeling, yes, but no belly crawling.  And when health “regeneration” hinges on being able to take cover and stay immobile not being able to drop behind a small piece of rubble seems like a massive oversight.


hour of victory          hour of victory


Another problem is that enemies will often spawn behind you in an area that has already been cleared.  Even worse, sometimes the enemy will spawn right before your eyes.  They’ll also get stuck on walls, turn their back on you while standing in the open, come to battle pretending to be mannequins with their arms angled out from their sides and their legs stiff.  But they make up for these shortcomings by being able to pick you off at great distance with a pistol.


One of the redeeming features is that it’s a relatively short game in which many easy Achievement points can be earned.  Hour of Victory’s longevity is based on how many levels you want to run through multiple times, with each character.  Or you can jump online and play one of a few different modes which are also plagued by poor control, anemic player numbers, and battlefields that only play well with a full server because they’re too damn big.


Hour of Victory could have been an average game, even a good game if some time had been taken to make sure everything works.


- D.D. Nunavut

(July 9, 2007)


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