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September 2, 2008



- Nice graphics that are suited to the genre
- Great music
- Unique item building components



- Voice acting varies from decent to bad
- Managing inventory for your party can be cumbersome
- May be on the short side for an RPG at around 25 hours



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Infinite Undiscovery

Score: 7.5 / 10


Infinite Undiscovery may leave you wondering what the title really means, but once the disc gets popped into your 360 the nonsensical becomes a little clearer. You see, the Order has chained the moon to the Earth and itís your job to break the chains and set the moon free.


I know, usually itís some damsel in distress. Itís not even Sailor Moon here but the actual moon which at the very least gives you something different and refreshing to work for.


infinite undiscovery          infinite undiscovery


To make matters a little more interesting, you play as Capell Ė a musician who finds himself in jail at the beginning of the story. Whatís interesting about this is that a young lady breaks you out of your cell but keeps calling you Sigmund, the leader of a




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resistance that is determined to free the moon from itís Earthbound bondage. It seems you look like just Sigmund but appearances are about where the similarities end.


The environments of the game start out a little bleak (the inside of a jail cell and a dark forest) but if you stick with it, things get a lot better looking and playing. The game employs a real-


time combat system which has been a welcome trend in RPG games lately. People join your team as you progress in this fairly linear title but itís almost overwhelming. As the game is only around 25 hours long, you donít really get the chance to understand and explore all the characters but at the same time itís the kind of game that you can actually hope to finish (Iíve given up on finishing my fair share of other RPGís).


The combat is pretty good, with some characters offering different items and abilities as you would expect. Itís nice that you can avoid some combat situations altogether or even get bonus points for sneaking up on enemies.


infinite undiscovery          infinite undiscovery


The music throughout the game is very good although it may not necessarily be the most fondly remember Square Enix title out there. The same can be said about the cut scenes. Although they are quite good, you might be slightly disappointed considering the lineage of this title.


You have the ability to craft your own weapons and spells and so on although you might overlook this ability since it isnít really necessary to do. It might get a little cumbersome micro-managing the 18 members of your party to make sure they have the best weapons and armor but itís definitely required if you want to succeed.


Overall, these things donít take away from a good game. Itís a good game Ė not a great one, but it will definitely keep you entertained for a good amount of time. Donít give up on it in the first couple of hours because it does get much better as I was lucky enough to discover.


- Syd Bolton

(October 27, 2008)


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