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August 10, 2010



‑ New tomahawk is a great and quick-death-providing weapon for close-quarter combat




‑ Not as much of an upgrade when compared to the next scheduled release of the Liars and Cheats Pack



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Red Dead Redemption: Legends and Killers

Score: 8.0 / 10


red dead redemption legends and killers          red dead redemption legends and killers


Already widely considered as one of, if not the best, Western-themed videogame ever made, Rockstar has begun the task of refreshing and extending the Red Dead Redemption gameplay with the first of its planned downloadable content, the Legends and Killers Pack. For all the Billy the Kid wannabes, Red Dead Redemption gets online upgraded with nine new map locales for co-op play, eight new characters, and a new weapon, the tomahawk.

Regular Red Dead Redemption Xbox Live gamers will particularly enjoy the new co-op gameplay that Legends and Killers provides, as these missions are a nice




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diversion from the Free Roam or deathmatch modes. Although it might not seem to be, the tomahawk is a powerful new weapon added into the Old West arsenal. Nothingís more satisfying than taking down a rival, especially if heís on horseback, with a well-aimed and deadly tomahawk to the chest. Close-quartered íhawk hacking killing is just as gratifying.

However, compared to


whatís planned in the next DLC, the Liars and Cheats Pack, gamers might be a tad less excited about Killers and Legends. Not only is there multiplayer poker (and liarís dice), there are also multiplayer horse races but also new hunting grounds and gang hideouts, posse leaderboards, 15 new multiplayer characters and a new weapon, the explosive rifle. Thatís a pretty hefty haul of Red Dead Redemption online Wild, Wild West excitement that really makes the Killers and Legends Pack seem like nothing more than a pony-sized upgrade next to the huge big-as-a-thoroughbred Liars and Cheats Pack.

But even though itís certainly not as huge as the second DLC, gamers looking for some new Red Dead Redemption gameplay with an expanded map of locations for gun-a-blazing enjoyment (and a great new weapon) should saddle up with the Legends and Killers Pack.

- Lee Cieniawa

(September 15, 2010)


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