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September 21, 2010



‑ New card and dice along with horse racing modes amp up the multiplayer entertainment tremendously



‑ Liar's Dice isn't a very easy game to master, especially against online human Xbox Live competition



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Red Dead Redemption DLC: Liars and Cheats

Score: 9.0 / 10


liars and cheats          liars and cheats


After a first downloadable content pack that was more pea shooter than six-shooter, Red Dead Redemption gets a decidedly higher calibre and much more gameplay-influencing second DLC pack with the Liars and Cheats Pack.

Of course, there are the expected additions in Liars and Cheats – an expanded Free Roam world, new gang hideouts (seven), new hunting grounds (four), and posse




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leaderboards and scoring.

That’s some welcome– but not really overwhelmingly thrilling in any way newness for Xbox Live Red Dead Redemption gamers. However, RDR desperadoes will really like some of the other additions that they’ll rustle up if they get this DLC. According to Rockstar, one of add-ons most requested by RDR online gamers was to be able to play the poker


and liar’s dice games against other Xbox Live gamers. Well, now they can shuffle the deck and rattle the dice, because the Liars and Cheats Pack’s biggest upgrade is indeed online card and dice gameplay. Poker can be a lot of fun for card-playing gamers, but Liar’s Dice is a challenging game to learn and master, especially against human counterparts skilled in the wily ways of rolling dice and bluffing.


liars and cheats          liars and cheats


Another new fun multiplayer mode is the horse races mode, where gamers will be high in the saddle competing against human jockeys, which is a great way of galloping past some sometimes-boring Free Roam solitude. And following the inclusion of the tomahawk in the first DLC, there’s another new weapon, the explosive rifle, which really wallops a pretty big punch, especially when a gamer is in close proximity to his intended shooting victim. And adding a bit of a refresh to the team vs. team multiplayer is the Stronghold mode, where teams attack and defend alternately during a game. All this comes along with more characters for multiplayer usage (15 in all) and new achievements and trophies to be acquired.

No lying, with all the new multiplayer modes packed into it along with everything else it includes, RDR gamers definitely will not feel cheated in the least if they download this DLC.

- Lee Cieniawa

(October 28, 2010)


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