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March 13, 2009



- Great co-op play

- The rock tumbler version of Resident Evil 4; polished and shiny

- Automatic saves and checkpoints




- Running and shooting, not here

- Quicktime events can pop up without warning

- AI partner can be annoying, especially at the end of the game



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Resident Evil 5

Score: 8.0 / 10


resident evil 5          resident evil 5


Many writers in the “Gameverse” have stated that the only way to play Resident Evil 5 properly is with another human player, rather than rely on the AI partner, Sheva, who fires her gun like there’s no tomorrow (or even another level) and becomes a liability at the end of the game.  Well, guess what?  Random human players on Xbox Live suffer the same quirks.  And while playing offline, you don’t have to hear chatter about how drunk they are.  I’d wager that if you know the person you’re playing with, you’d probably have more fun especially when it comes to tasks that require participation of both characters.


The few really necessary co-op sections, like when one character needs to hold a flood light to see where you’re going in a mine shaft or when the characters separate to complete a task, play really well.  There’s a sense that actually working




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together matters.  Sure, most of the setups are pretty rudimentary – most often you separate to open a door or pull a lever – but the setups, especially during boss fights, still feel like you need to work together or you just won’t get through the area.  The AI typically handles these sections with a high level of competency (besides the last couple of sections) but throw in a random player and it’s a coin toss whether you’ll want to reach through


the Internet and punch them in the face or compliment their shooting prowess.


This more than any other Resident Evil game is much more focused on action.  Playing through the first time on Amateur – wanting to have more fun than frustration – ammo is plentiful and this was most welcome as the latter part of the game features plenty of gun-toting zombies, which is a departure from what I remember of the other Resident Evil games I’ve played.  In those areas, there are plenty of objects to take (contextual) cover behind so you’re not cut to ribbons by gunfire.


Even though the game is much more action-oriented, the old Resident Evil paradigm of not being able to move while you’re shooting gets in the way, at least initially, of having fun.  I was frustrated with the inability to move; especially in comparison to the other zombie/infected game I’ve been playing heavily, Left 4 Dead, where running and shooting is absolutely vital to survival.  Over the course of the first couple of levels I just got used to lining up my shots and turning and running to line up myself up again.  It also helps that most enemies walk at you very slowly allowing you to stagger them then run up and perform a melee attack.  And also on the plus side, when you had control over a turret, hitting the intended target was never a problem.


resident evil 5          resident evil 5


After completion of the main story, which you’ll want to play through a few times to unlock all the extras and goodies, there’s Mercenaries mode which throws you into a closed area with a (refillable) timer ticking down and wave after wave of zombies/infected to slaughter.  Oddly enough it has a Smash TV (the weapons and waves of targets) or Pac-Man (locked in a maze with no exit) vibe to it that appealed to my old school arcade sensibility that simply craves a high score.


Resident Evil 5 will obviously appeal to long time Resident Evil fans, particularly those that enjoyed Resident Evil 4 because a lot of what the previous game developed for the series has been honed by Resident Evil 5, giant cockroaches, mutant dogs, Las Plagas victims, inventory management, unexpected quicktime events, and bizarre story points included.


- Aaron Simmer

(April 6, 2009)


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