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May 12, 2009



- Interesting art/design style, the fusion of technology and magic themes

- Can be played as either a single-player game or as multiplayer

- Excellent mapping system and waypoint usage



- Poor variation on character designs

- Weak hit-detection system, poor combat animation.

- Non-descript dead-zone walls



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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

Score: 7.0 / 10


Sacred 2 takes the hack-and-slash RPG genre and adds a few tweaks. It embraces multiple ideas from the Diablo franchise in the way that combat occurs and in the quest system. You can choose to tackle the game in single-player mode or go online to fight alongside 3 allies. Either way, you can delve into the world of Arcana and all the quests that you can challenge yourself with.


sacred 2 fallen angel          sacred 2 fallen angel


Arcana is a world in turmoil, the magically infused “oil” T-Energy serves as a power source to most, but its’ side effects are creating grotesque monsters. You can explore this lush and dangerous world as one of six selectable classes: Seraphim (a warrior that can use some magic), High Elf (a mage class that can either support or area effect), Dryad (ranger or woodsman), Temple Guardian (Cybernetic being that uses T-Energy to fire beams), Shadow Warrior (undead meat tank), and Inquisitor




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(Like an assassin that can utilize some magic). The Light and Dark Campaigns are fixed for only the Seraphim and the Inquisitor respectively, the remaining four may choose to their own preference. Each class is already gender specific and you can modify that gender with up to two hairstyles – Saint’s Row this is not.


Once you have chosen your character and alignment, you are


going to barraged by a near endless array of enemies and quests to keep yourself occupied. Apparently in the world of Arcana, no NPC character is allowed to accomplish anything on their own – as you’ll end up on a near endless series of revenge missions against antagonists and collect the item missions. Thankfully, the map system for Sacred 2 is quite forgiving in this respect, it will show you the location you need to go to complete your objective instead of just wandering aimlessly until you stumble across your objective. Converse to the great map system is the god-awful mini-map which shows none of the impassible terrain built into the world, it only gets more frustrating when it doesn’t appear to be impassible until you bring up the bigger map. In this day and age, I thought we were past the running full bore into an imaginary wall nonsense. As you explore the world, there is a waypoint system that you can immediately travel to; which makes those cross country trips a little more forgiving than having to wait for 20 minutes while your character travels on autopilot. The main plot itself was not as interesting as I would have liked, certainly not worth a second play through.


sacred 2 fallen angel          sacred 2 fallen angel


The battles themselves are what should be one of the highlights of the game, as it is what occurs most often. With this game being a D20 style statistics system, when you battle enemies of equal or superior skill you’d expect to miss more often than hit. That being said, the animation for a hit and a miss are exactly the same – the battles may be pitched in my imagination, but they don’t resemble it on screen. It’s akin to a 3-D representation of the original Final Fantasy Game – step forward, swing once, step back. Not mind blowing in this day and age.


My dislike of the battle animation is completely forgotten when I think about the control system that was devised. You use the four directional controls for use of potions and summons, and the four keys (A,B,X,Y) are commands. The two triggers are then used to switch to alternate groups of commands that you can preset. Instead of magic being measured as remaining mana, each spell or attack has a specific recharge time. This makes for some excellent control of your character being able to find that one attack or spell that can turn the battle around much more quickly instead of sifting through a page of spells.


All in all, Sacred 2 had some interesting twists for the Hack-and-slash RPGers amongst us. It was not without its’ flaws, some of which will be harder to overlook for some gamers. If you can get past those weaknesses, the game itself can get quite enjoyable if not entertaining. A nice snack until Diablo 3 comes out.


- Tazman

(June 25, 2009)


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