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- A lot of good fun for movie fans

- Should be accessible to just about everybody



- Xbox Live support would have elevated the experience; without three other players it's not a lot of fun

- Transition sequences are too long



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Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action

Score: 7.5 / 10


scene it!         scene it!


Movie trivia is a big thing in our house, which is likely why Scene It? received so much attention in our house through the holidays.  Friends and family come over and sooner rather than later they find Scene It!?s oblong button controller in their hands and trying to remember what kind of ice cream the kid is eating in the clip just played from Kramer vs. Kramer.


Scene It! bombards players with several different “modes” of multiple choice questions, all relating to movies one way or another.  You’ll be required to watch clips from movies, put movies in the order of their release, finish quotes from 




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movies, guess what’s missing from a scene, etc. Typically, each player will buzz in and choose (or guess) the right answer and be awarded points, which are based on how long it takes for the player to buzz in (then get the right answer).


The simplified controller – big buzz-in button and four other buttons – make the game instantly accessible to everyone, though some of the movie trivia reaches so far back that 


unless you’re an aficionado (quick, who stars in From Here to Eternity?) you’ll likely be guessing more than choosing the right answer.  The trivia is actually pretty balanced between the very recent to the very old – all told there reportedly 1,800 questions.  It’s noted that the Xbox 360 tracks the questions that have been asked so the same questions aren’t repeated too quickly.  However, during our play sessions it became clear that this isn’t really the case.  Three nights in a row, we had the same questions and clips pop up on a regular basis.


scene it!          scene it!


Another beef here is that the transitions between the different modes are just too long.  The camera pans out, swings around, moves to the next area, swoops in, etc.  I like my movie trivia the same way I like my beer: rapidly.


Even with the strikes against it, Scene It? is fun with a few other players and it’s accessible enough that even the non-gamers can play.


- Omni

(February 4, 2008)



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