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Namco Bandai



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October 27, 2009



- Gorgeous

- Loads of costume options

- Many different modes

- Good fighting once you get the hand of it



- Why does a fighting game need a story?

- "Scenario" campaign feels like it should have been a side-scrolling beat 'em up

- Constant loads



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Tekken 6

Score: 8.5 / 10


tekken 6          tekken 6


If ever I needed an arcade stick it was for Tekken 6. Playing with a decidedly mushy regular 360 controller feels a little like I'm only getting 75% of the experience. Or more specifically, all my action/reactions were running at 75%.


Tekken 6 might not be as rapid as something like the blink-and-you-die that Street Fighter has become, but it's fast enough to provide a challenge (especially for one without an arcade stick) and completely crush the causal button masher. Part of the "problem" here is that Tekken 6 has a massive roster of fighters to test yourself against. Learning the patterns, proper counters, arena advantages, while




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developing your own skills and combos with a handful of fighters. At times it feels like a massive uphill struggle unless you're fighting opponents of equal skill. Then it's an enjoyable experience.


In the early days of Tekken 6, online play was horrible. My clairvoyant abilities just aren't what they used to be so the stuttering, laggy online play was


flat out frustrating. Post patch, online play runs much smoother but the matchmaking is still horrible.


I'm routinely matched with opponents with crushing win percentages. It makes for some really, really short matches. (I went nine games within laying a hand on my opponent. There's no Achievement for that but there should be!)  This problem has been consistent since I received the game and I expect it to get worse as the more hardcore players take it over.


The carrot constantly dangled is that you get points for everything you do, across all the different modes, which can be put toward purchasing cosmetic modifications for your fighters, of which there are a metric ton. The prices for the clothing and accessories are inflated to ensure that those with OCD tendencies will be playing Tekken 6 for hours at a time just to unlock all the different tops for Nina. I'll admit that it's fun to fool around with these things after a few hours of play to just wind down.


tekken 6          tekken 6


Namco Bandai also filled Tekken 6 with a lot of offline play modes with the likes of Arcade Battle, Vs. Battle, Survival, Ghost Battle, Team Battle and Time Attack but it's the Scenario mode that stands out above the rest as being completely haphazard and clunky. A side-scrolling beat 'em up with 3D fighter controls doesn't even sound good to me on paper so the fact it's actually implemented here is astounding. It's also wrapped with a slow-moving story that makes little to no sense even for a video game which, I'm told, is par for the course for Tekken. The only thing good to say about it is that it's almost completely optional.  Someone somewhere has heard the demand from gamers to stop locking characters behind arbitrary doors until certain conditions are met. There are about 40 fighters to choose from and they're all available right from the start. Again, almost. Playing through the Scenario mode (again and again) does unlock characters to play in Arena mode and, as far as I can tell, it's the only way to see the character endings.


I developed an affinity for Tekken 6 over the last couple of months; playing through a distinct dislike for the title, mainly due to playing with a control pad (which is, I realize, not the fault of the game).  I just like the depth and speed of the combat, the gigantic list of clothing and play options, the detailed graphics, and the character roster.


- D.D. Nunavut

(January 8, 2010)


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