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High Moon Studios



T (Teen)



June 22, 2010



- Lots of Transformers fan service, but a solid (if somewhat standard) action game in its own right

- 3-player co-op play throughout

- Multiplayer offers additional hours

- Great graphics



- Anyone that isn't an old time (1980s) Transformers fan might wonder what the appeal is

- Some really cheap death



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Transformers: War for Cybertron

Score: 7.0 / 10


transformers war for cybertron          transformers war for cybertron


Okay, Transformer fans, convince your friends that have no experience with your favorite robots in disguise that they're awesome. (And no, "Because they Transform!" isn't valid.)


Now that you've done that (and failed), talk to a buddy that grew up in the '80s, where G.I. Joe, He-Man, and Transformers dominated the television cartoon scene in North America and it's a much easier sell. And that's exactly the same crowd that




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Transformers: War for Cybertron is aimed at: you and your friends that get a tingle up your spine when Optimus Prime commanded, "Autobots, roll out!"


And to capture that feeling of playing in the backyard with your friends and blasting Decepticons and Autobots alike, developer High Moon


Studios built-in a 3-player co-op for the two-part campaign which takes place on Cybertron before the events of the G1 storyline.  Megatron's thirst for power and black energon threatens the Transformer's homeworld. The problem for the Autobots standing in his way is that Megatron seems undefeatable. Even Omega Supreme falls but the Autobots are are a persistent bunch and under the fledgling leadership of Optimus Prime you just know there's never any doubt the Decepticons will be defeated. (Well, sorta...)


Blasting through both halves of the campaign with buddies (and strangers) over Xbox Live, is a relatively quick experience. It's a compact and very directed experience that offers plenty of fan service. (Even now, I have hard time understanding just what the hell Soundwave is saying.) I couldn't help but smile throughout the game as strings of nostalgia were pulled but the action itself, besides the ability to transform at the press of a button, is without any surprises.


transformers war for cybertron          transformers war for cybertron


If you've played a 3rd Person shooter in the last 5 years, you know exactly what to expect. Fight through a hallway to an end point which remains locked until you've destroyed all the enemies. Room with a mounted turret? Expect to face a rush of enemies. It's kinda cool being a Transformer and doing this kind of thing but if it were anything else, I'd probably be bored before the end game.


Of course, some that is blunted by the fact I played with two human players for most of the game, one of which took great delight in screwing with my landings.


War for Cybertron does this horrible thing where if you land on a buddy you slide off in an unpredictable manner. That is to say, directly into a pit that results in instant death.


While I actually like the fact War for Cybertron has no qualms about killing you, I really hate instant death when it's not my fault. If I screw up the timing on a big laser and get vaporized, that's my fault. Dropping into a pit because I landed on Bumblebee, that's not fun.


War for Cybertron also features a variety of competitive online modes, which can be fun depending on who you're playing with but the depth isn't there. Or maybe it is and I'm just not appreciating it. Competing for my attention with the likes of Left 4 Dead 2 and Bad Company 2, War for Cybertron just doesn't do anything for me outside of diving into the 8-year old part of my brain where my Transformer memories reside.


- Aaron Simmer

(July 9, 2010)


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