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December 7, 2010



- Cool aestetics
- Some really great on-foot combat
- Soundtrack
- Multiplayer progression plays into the single-player campaign (and vice versa)



- I haven't died so many times in a long, long time
- Wish there was more to do on the light cycles



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TRON Evolution

Score: 7.5 / 10


tron evolution          tron evolution


One of the stats that TRON Evolution tracks is the number of times a player "derezzes" (i.e. dies) and it helped confirm something I knew already: this game will kill you a lot. On my first play through the number is close to 300!

That figure represents the sum total of TRON Evolution's faults.

Evolution's cool parkour sensibility, where acrobatics and wall-running are the order of the day, is hampered by its tendency to lead "Anon" to his death repeatedly. Not




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getting the angle right on the approach or jumping at the wrong moment happens often and the game punishes your fumbling by killing you. If that weren't enough, during a few of the tougher fights there are plenty of gaping holes for Anon to be knocked into. Missing a handhold because a distance was misjudged is annoying but when a boss is near death then casually knocks Anon into a hole it's downright infuriating!

The developers obviously


took this into account with the number and density of checkpoints. Anon restores/reboots close to wherever he turned into a million points of light whether he's on-foot, zooming down a collapsing building on a light cycle, or dishing out destruction with the light tank.

The light tank sections are probably the least interesting parts of the game because progression plods along and there's no challenge involved. Better are the light cycle areas simply because of the speed and the fact the light cycle is so iconic but even that falls short because there's no chance to take part in light cycle battles. The on-foot combat is really where the game shines. The combos, different discs, and the acrobatics involved make the combat a lot of fun (provided you don't accidentally fall into a hole).

That action actually is probably the weakest aspect of the multiplayer part of the game, along with the light tank battles. At least, when it comes to having fun. The light cycles get better use during multiplayer. Wiping out an opponent with the solid exhaust, how could that ever get old?


tron evolution           tron evolution

Progression from the multiplayer carries to the single-player (and vice versa) so Anon is constantly levelling up and able to access the upgrade access points to open up new possibilities for combat tactics. I like this a lot but I suggest at least playing through the single-player game before jumping online. At least then you might have a ghost of a chance of scoring some kills. Taking a level 1 or 2 character online is a recipe for aggravation.

TRON Evolution acts as a prologue to the upcoming film TRON Legacy (out December 17, 2010). I'm interested in finding out how well the two mesh with each other in terms of the story being told. The art direction, the crazy light shows, and Olivia Wilde as Quorra are all consistent, but I really want to see how the story plays out.

Still, almost 300 deaths. That's quite a statistic.

- Aaron Simmer

(December 11, 2010)


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