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September 2007



- Massive Environments

- Horse Riding!

- Character upgrades



- Visuals donít look next-gen and unstable frame rate

- Terrible Voice Acting

- Lack of enemy variation

- Strictly appeal to RPG fans

- Small online community and online game stability isnít very good



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Two Worlds

Score: 6.0 / 10


The role-playig genre has been pretty well represented on the Xbox 360 with the release of Oblivion and an inflow of new RPG games about to hit the market such as Mass Effect and Fable 2. Two Worlds has some pretty stiff competition.


two worlds          two worlds


Two Worlds story is pretty standard. You assume the role of a mercenary whose looking for his lost sister in the land of Antaloor. Two Worlds is pretty open ended. You can decide to follow the main story quest or do a number of side missions. If the story or the side quests arenít your cup of tea, you can also explore the gameís environments, which are massive. The environments are full of life and there is certainly a lot going on to keep you entertained. If youíre not up to walking, Antaloor features numerous teleports, which can transport you to another location in a matter of seconds.


The side-quests offer up some nice variation. The side quests vary from solving murders to making deliveries to collecting different items. One downside to the 




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Antaloor is the lack of variety in enemies. Throughout the countryside are bears, bores and wolves, which will frequently attack your character if you get too close.


For the story quest, going from point A to B is quite easy as everything is marked on your map. There are occasions where your map will become


cluttered with different location markers, but in the options menu you are able to disable different types of markers. Combat is handled with the right trigger button and your character can perform dodge moves against enemies. The dodge move is extremely effective, but even death has no penalty in Two Worlds. Antaloor is scattered with nodes and once your character is killed, youíll simply respawn at the nearest node.  The combat tends to get repetitive against the same enemies time and time again.


One of the draws of Two Worlds is the horse riding. The horse riding adds a new sorely needed element to the gameís combat system. The controls do seem awkward at first, but the horse riding is one of the better elements of the game. As with any RPG game, there is a great deal of character customization and upgrades as you level up.


two worlds          two worlds


Two Worlds does feature online play through Xbox Live. You can lock horns with human opponents online, but the biggest draw will probably be the quasi-coop style game. Those hoping for a story based cooperative campaign will be sadly disappointed. The coop style online play is completely separate from the single player game. Also, the online community isnít very large and you may have trouble finding a good group of players to go online with. Online performance is another issue; lag can easily creep into a game and completely ruin it.


The visuals are a mixed bag. On one hand, youíll be stunned by the shear size of Antaloor, but on the other hand the game is ripe with collision detection problems, awkward animations and a frame rate that is less than stellar. There are also frequent hiccups in the game when you venture into unexplored areas, and the game will take a few seconds to load. The audio department doesnít fair to well either. The voice acting is cheesy and laughable. During the length of the gameís story youíll feel tempted to rush through the in game cut scenes.


With Oblivion released for the Xbox 360, it makes it very difficult to recommend Two Worlds. Two Worlds is a game that will surely appeal to RPG fans, but even fans of the genre will be irritated by the countless problems with the game.


 - Siddharth Masand

(November 13, 2007)


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