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M (Mature)



July 3, 2007



- Some really nice animation

- Detailed character models



- Weapons that have a hard time killing things, which more often than not end with the player dying

- Multiplayer which might work but no one is playing

- A stealthy game that needs more action



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Vampire Rain

Score: 3.0 / 10


vampire rain          vampire rain


In a world where vampires mercilessly stalk the living, one would think that governments the world over would equip those that are sent to exterminate the vampires with weapons that would actually do the some damage.  Instead, those poor foot soldiers are pushed out into the rain with what amount to elastic band guns, which do a really good job of annoying vampires.  After one of these soldiers irritates them, itís pretty much game over.  The vampires rush and lay into their necks like a crisp apple Ė except blood sprays all over the place.


If Vampire Rain has anything going for it, itís the emphasis on pure stealth.  Games like the Splinter Cell title or even Tenchu Z give players a chance to fight if




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a stealthy approach is detected.  In Vampire Rain it only takes a splint second to be detected and another full second to be slaughtered because of the underpowered weapons and inability to make a hasty retreat.


This leads to an extraordinary amount of frustration as missions need to constantly be restarted because of


one misstep, so unless youíre interested in being constantly frustrated after slowly creeping through a level Ė shimming up drain pipes, sideling along edges, hiding behind cars, etc. the animation is pretty good Ė thereís no point in giving Vampire Rain an even break or even a second glance if youíre thinking of a rental Ė no matter how much of a hardcore stealth fan you might be.


vampire rain          vampire rain


After suffering through the single-player campaign thereís not a lot left to do.  Multiplayer is included, but after a full week of trying to find a game I have given up.  I even spent almost 60 minutes waiting for someone, anyone to join the game I was hosting.  So, I canít speak to the multiplayer component in any detail, except to say that itís must be so awful no one is playing it.


This summer has seen its fair share of stinkers but Vampire Rain might just be the champ.


- D.D. Nunavut

(August 7, 2007)


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