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McFarlane's Military Redeployed, 2



7.0 / 10

- Ghillie suit looks cool

- Looks great for display purposes

- Bendable Binoculars

- Loose base and accessories



1.0 / 10

- You can spot enemies!




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Army Special Forces Sniper Observer by McFarlane Toys


army special forces sniper observer


Military snipers are tasked with some of the most dangerous tasks on todays battlefields. From providing support to ground forces, to penetrating deep within enemy territory and crippling enemy operations, snipers are an essential part of US ground strategy in any modern military conflict. Snipers are typically trained to wait with patience and strike at the enemys weakest point. 


McFarlanes US Army Special Forces Sniper Observer comes in four pieces; body, sniper rifle, binoculars and base.  The first thing youll notice about the Army Sniper is the very cool ghillie suit. The ghillie suit covers pretty much the whole 



soldiers body and hangs loosely off the arms and is a mixture of different shades of brown with white patches in various spots. The front part of the model is not covered by the ghillie suit, instead the model wears standard desert camo. The base contains different types of bushes to surround the sniper.


The Special Forces Sniper appears to be carrying an SR-25 


sniper rifle with a silencer and a pair of binoculars. The sniper rifle looks pretty standard with no special details that stand out. The binoculars are made up of two pieces, each of which contains a goggle. The binoculars are bendable, but only to a 45 degree angle. The only real downside to the binoculars, is that it comes apart quite easily and having to attach the two pieces together can become a hassle.


Dont expect the action figure to stay intact if it falls off a table or if you accidentally drop it. The action figure feels quite loose on its base. Theres only one pin on the base for the model to sit on, so its no surprise it sits so loosely.  Not only is the base loose, but both the binoculars and the sniper rifle feel loose as well.


The Army Special Forces Sniper is very limited in its playability. No body parts are capable of movement and the loose base will make you think twice about playing the action figure.


The Sniper Observer is a fairly good action figure, but aspects such as the loose base and lack of playability make it more suitable for diorama purposes.

- Siddharth Masand

(August 29, 2006)


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