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McFarlane's Dragons, 4



7.5 / 10

- Okay articulation could have been awesome with a torso balljoint

- Could have used a bendy tail

- Great detail

- Easy to install and keep standing



5.0 / 10

- 11 points of articulation

- Many pointy bits

- Small “chest” arms can hold smaller figures




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Berserker Clan Dragon 4 (McFarlane's Dragons) by McFarlane Toys


berserker dragon clan 4


The line of McFarlane’s Dragons figures doesn’t seem to be slowing.  Only created last year, Dragon’s is up to series four, which must be some kind of record for McFarlane, particularly because they look so far forward with their release schedule.  One might be led to think that two series were planned but it proved to be popular enough to warrant creating more figures but time being tight McFarlane touched-up the original concept sculpts and sent them off for manufacturing.  How else could they get them out so fast?


At any rate, Berserker Dragon Clan 4 is another proud addition to the McFarlane’s Dragons line.  Featuring two heads and that trademarked level of McFarlane Toys detail, the figure could have been so much more!  The figure sports 11 points of articulation but there’s one major one missing: a mid-body ball-joint.  Including this feature would have allowed for higher poseability.  Rather than the hunched-over look (which is very evident when viewed at or below eye level) it would be able to rear up to look more menacing.


As it is we only get seam joints at the extremities – shoulders, necks, tail, etc.  The arms are particularly suited to movement and keeping the figure fresh 



because the joints are almost invisible.  This does not apply to the rest of the articulation points, which really only upset the detailed sculpt of the figure.


Paint is good.  The spots, indicative of a predator (something I learned from the original Half-Life), are a definite highlight.  Easily subject to oversplash and bleed, there are  no problems.



Berserker Dragon Clan 4 plugs easily into the included base with his right foot.  It keeps him standing easily.  This is a good thing because he’ll spend most of his time on display.  McFarlane’s efforts at making any of the dragons actually playable have only been out of luck – the Water Dragon Clan figures have been suited for play in the bathtub.  Berserker Dragon Clan 4 has two small arms extending from his chest which can be positioned to hold smaller action figures to its chest, but other than that there’s not much in the way of playability, even though it fits in with the rest of the Dragon figures with little problem.  It should also be noted that there are some very point bits you should watch out for, too.


Fans should feel comfortable picking up this latest Berserker Dragon clan figure.  It may not drag too many casual collectors to shelves, but it does have two heads if nothing else.


- Omni

(October 3, 2006)


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