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Series: Halo 2, 1


Craftsmanship: 8.8 / 10

- Fantastic articulation combination

- Interchangeable hands

- Good detail and compatibility with other Halo figures

- Knees are incredibly loose


Playability: 9.0 / 10

- Hand and guns could be lost

- Durable

- Great diorama and play options available


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Master Chief (Halo 2)

by Joyride Studios


master chief halo 2


What can be said of Master Chief that hasnít already been said? His first game out and he snags his own action figure. On his second outing he gets another action




figure, this time a more athletic figure that echoes his new look in Halo 2.

Joyride does a good job sticking to the source material here Ė thereís no mistaking Master Chief. But thereís one aspect that isnít quite right. He looks slightly like a toddler wearing shoulder pads, like the suit just doesnít quite fit. After some


painstaking and elaborate research (i.e. playing Halo 2 to the end) Iíve finally put my finger on it. His upper body isnít bulky enough. Itís kind of like those 1977 Star Wars figures that lacked any body definition. Itís not as pronounced with Master Chief but if you get the feeling thereís something not quite right, thatís probably what it is.

Nearly everything else is perfect. I say nearly because his knees are so loose he constantly falls over if heís not propped on something or posed in a crouch. Maybe the problem is restricted to the review figure but I doubt it.

Master Chief has 20 points of articulation. This is great for putting him in all sorts of poses. The elbow joints are double and he has a seam joint at the waist and ball-jointed torso. He doesnít just look more athletic he is more athletic. Besides all that he even comes with a spare left hand so he can be posed holding both SMGs to mimic Halo 2ís dual firing feature.

The sculpt of the figure does justice to the license however there is still room for improvement. The armor detail has been smoothed over, showing no battle damage whatsoever and a rather ďplasticĒ look. (Yes, I know itís an action figure!) The visor Ė definitely the focal point of the original figure Ė is eye-catching and not just because it makes Master Chief look a little like a Cyclops.

Master Chief is an extremely playable figure. He is a good size to match up against other figures and the super-poseable nature of Master Chief means hours of playtime. The interchangeable left hand could be lost if youíre not paying attention and the SMGs are on the small side but Master Chief himself hold ups pretty well. He spent two days fighting with the eclectic items in my work bag and he escaped without a scratch. Heís compatible with the previous Halo toys and can even hold most of the Covenant weapons, though he looks most bad-ass holding the Battle Rifle.

Playable and looking good, Joyride scores again (though it could have gone off someoneís skate Ė still room for improvement).

- Omni
(November 21, 2004)


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