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Series: Movie Maniacs 6


Craftsmanship: 9.1 / 10

- Excellent articulation and poseability

- Great attention to detail

- Disk weapon doesn’t fit in the “holster”

- Oozes cool


Playability: 8.8 / 10

- Good possibilities with the other Movie Maniacs 6 series

- Small pieces to lose and break off

- Small kids will shrink from these figures


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Predator (Predator I & II)

by McFarlane Toys




A lot of sci-fi fans have clamoured for some good Predator figures and McFarlane steps up to the plate in a big way with this pair of Predator figures (packaged separately but reviewed together here). The last Movie Maniacs series featured a



deluxe Alien vs. Predator, but since I never got hold of that set this is my first look at Predator.

Firstly, these guys are loaded with articulation – about 13 points of articulation along the lines of the articulation scheme developed with the Metal Gear Solid 2 figures (released late 2001). It utilizes a mix of ball, hinge and seam joints. The placement of


these points allows a wide variety of poses, particularly thanks to ball-jointed hips and ankles. (If you picked up Spawn Image 10th Anniversary the articulation is quite similar.) If you’re into display, this means lots of action poses – more so if you’ve snagged the Alien figures of the series. And they’re also relatively stable in a variety of different poses.

This poseability breaks the mold for Movie Maniacs figures, which have nearly always landed on the side of display figure rather than action figure. I’d like to see this tradition carried over to other Maniacs figures.

I don’t know where to start with the detail. McFarlane’s has absolutely nailed the movie likenesses – high marks all-round. There are minor differences between the two Predators – one closed mouth, one open mouth. The closed mouth Predator comes packed with a helmet/facemask and a forearm that can be snapped out to create battle damage. It has fluorescent blood spatters, too.

The other Predator’s open mouth makes him look particularly ferocious, more so with the spear raised above his head. Otherwise, they’re identical – the same dreadlocks, the same armor, the same back-strapped targeting reticule, the same retractable claw gauntlet. Which one you pick depends on your preference – you’ll be satisfied with either but there’s more playability with the closed-mouth Predator.

When it comes to playability you’ll get the most satisfaction if you get both Predators and the Alien figures (including the deluxe Queen Alien set). Even on their own, there’s quite a bit of playability to be had, especially when played with outside to re-create those movie moments. It’s too bad McFarlane didn’t see fit to make a translucent figure to emulate Predator’s cloaking ability – now that would have been cool! – that would open even more play options. But the danger is that you’ll lose or break off the small pieces (the targeting reticule especially). The closed-moth Predator’s forearm can be lost as well. Each Predator comes with one of those cool, decapitating Frisbees and they’re small enough to go missing easily. The holster that’s made to hold it does not work well, if at all. It’s supposed to snap into place but it doesn’t thanks to McFarlane’s unwavering dedication to the source material. No matter how hard I tried, it just wouldn’t fit in either holster. Since only the closed-mouth Predator can actually hold the disk, you’re bound to lose the disk sooner rather than later.

Fans of the movies should grab Predator – either one or both. The detail and articulation are extremely good, and even if you play with your toys you get your money’s worth.

- Omni
(June 15, 2003)


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