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Paranoia Agent (DVD)

April 23, 2007

"Whatever your interest in this program is, whatever your current situation happens to be at the moment, no matter how stable and well-adjusted you may think you are…don’t miss this one."



Castle Cagliostro (DVD)

April 22, 2007

One of Lupin the III's latter adventures still proves to be one of his best in this Miyazaki classic.


hare and guu



Haré and Guu Volume 1 (DVD)

May 28, 2006

More catchy than Siegfried and Roy!


scrapped princess volume 4



Scrapped Princess Volume 4: Spells and Circumstances (DVD)

Samurai Gun Vol. 4 (DVD)

May 28, 2006

And with that, the series wraps up.




Samurai Gun Vol. 4 (DVD)

May 6, 2006

And with that, the series wraps up.



Anime Reviews Archive





Akira: Special Edition 2001 (DVD)

Android Kikaider Volume 1: Lonely Soul (DVD)

Android Kikaider Volume 2: Conflicting Hearts (DVD)

Android Kikaider Volume 3: Unveiled Past (DVD)

Android Kikaider Volume 4: Silent Journey (DVD)

Angel Tales Volume 1: Sweet Transmigration (DVD)


Area 88 Volume 1: Treacherous Skies (DVD)

Argentosoma Volume 1 (DVD)

Argentosoma Volume 2 (DVD)

Argentosoma Volume 3 (DVD)

Argentosoma Volume 4 (DVD)

Argentosoma Volume 5 (DVD)

Argentosoma Volume 6 (DVD)

Banner of the Stars 2: Prey (DVD)

Banner of the Stars II Volume 3: Return (DVD)

The Big O II Volume 2: Missing Pieces (DVD)

Blue Submarine No. 6 Volume 1

Brain Powered Volume 1

Brigadoon Volume 1 (DVD)

Brigadoon Volume 2 (DVD)

Brigadoon Volume 3: The Celestial World (DVD)

Burn Up! (DVD)

Castle Cagliostro (DVD)

City Hunter: .357 Magnum

Cromartie High School Vol. 1 (DVD)

Cowboy Bebop Volume 1 (DVD)

Cowboy Bebop Volume 2 (DVD)

Cowboy Bebop Remix Volume 1 (DVD)

DICE Volume 1: Adventures in Space (DVD)

DICE Volume 2: High Speed Action (DVD)

DICE Volume 3: To The Rescue (DVD)

DICE Volume 4: The Phantom Knight (DVD)

DICE Volume 5: Conspiracy Facts (DVD)

DICE Volume 6: The Mystery of the Heron (DVD)

Diamond Daydreams Preview (DVD)

Divergence Eve Volume 1 (DVD)

Divergence Eve: Masaki Chronicles Volume 1 (DVD)

Dragon Drive Volume 1 (DVD)

Dragon Drive Volume 7: New Power (DVD)

Dragon Drive Volume 9: Fierce Battle (DVD)

Dragon Drive Volume 10: Showdown in D-Zone (DVD)

E's Otherwise Volume 1 (DVD)

E's Otherwise Volume 2: Mind Bender (DVD)

E's Otherwise Volume 3: Headspin (DVD)

E's Otherwise Volume 4: Suffer the Children (DVD)

E's Otherwise Volume 5: The Sacrament of Calvaria (DVD)

Five Star Stories (DVD)

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu Vol. 1 (DVD)

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! Volume 2: Full Metal Fracas (DVD)

Full Metal Panic Fumoffu Volume 3: Full Metal Fervor (DVD)

Full Metal Panic Fumoffu Volume 4: Full Metal Mania (DVD)

Galaxy Angel Volume 1: What's Cooking? (DVD)

Galaxy Angel Volume 2 (DVD)

Galaxy Angel Volume 3 (DVD)

Galaxy Angel A (DVD)

Galaxy Angel Z Volume 2: Galaxy-Size Combo (DVD)

Galaxy Angel Z Volume 3: Stranded Without Dessert (DVD)

Gantz Volume 2: Kill or Be Killed (DVD)

Gantz Volume 3: Aftershocks (DVD)

Gantz Volume 4: Terminal Dispatch (DVD)

Gantz Volume 5: Process of Elimination (DVD)

Gantz Volume 6: Sudden Death (DVD)

Gantz Volume 7: Fatal Attractions (DVD)

Gantz Volume 8: Deathwatch (DVD)

Gantz Volume 9: Judge, Jury, and Executioner (DVD)

Gantz Volume 10: Endgame (DVD)

Geneshaft Volume 3 (DVD)

Geneshaft Volume 4: Mobius (DVD)

Ghost in the Shell: Innocence Music Videos (DVD)

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Volume 1 (DVD)

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Volume 6 (DVD)

Ghost Stories Semester 1: Freshman Frights (DVD)

Godannar Volume 1: Engage and Destroy (DVD)

Godannar Volume 2: 'Till Death Do Us Part (DVD)

Godannar Volume 3: Nuclear Family Meltdown (DVD)

Gravion Zwei Volume 01 (DVD)

GTO Volume 1 (DVD)

GTO Volume 2 (DVD)

GTO Volume 3 (DVD)

GTO Volume 4 (DVD)

GTO Volume 5 (DVD)

GTO Volume 6 (DVD)

GTO Volume 7 (DVD)

GTO Volume 8 (DVD)

GTO Volume 9 (DVD)

GTO Volume 10 (DVD)

Gundam Seed Movie (DVD)

Gundam Seed Movie #2:  (DVD)

Gundam Seed Volume 2: Unexpected Meetings (DVD)

Gundam Seed Volume 3: No Retreat (DVD)

Gundam Seed Volume 4: Desert Warfare (DVD)

Gundam Seed Volume 5: Archangel's Flight (DVD)

Gundam Seed Vol. 6 (DVD)

Gundam Seed Vol. 7 (DVD)

Gundam Seed Volume 10: Day of Destiny (DVD)

.hack//Legend of the Twilight Vol. 1: A New World (DVD)

.hack// Legend of the Twilight Volume 2: Enter the Nightmare (DVD)

.hack//sign Volume 5: Uncovered (DVD)

.hack//sign Volume 6: Terminus (DVD)

Hakugei: Legend of Moby Dick (DVD)

Hand Maid May

Haré and Guu Volume 1 (DVD)

Hello Kitty Animation Theater Volume 1 (DVD)

Hoop Days Zone 2 (DVD)

IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix Volume 1 (DVD)

Infinite Ryvius Volume 1: Lost in Space (DVD)

Infinite Ryvius Volume 2: Vital Guarder (DVD)

Infinite Ryvius Volume 3: Tension (DVD)

Infinite Ryvius Volume 4: Change of Command (DVD)

Infinite Ryvius Volume 6: Absolution (DVD)

Kaze no Yojimbo Volume 1: A New Face in Town (DVD)

Kaze no Yojimbo Vol. 6: Unveiled Mystery (DVD)

Kekko Kamen Volume 1 (DVD)

Kikaider 01: The Animation (DVD)


Kino's Journey Volume 1: Idle Adventurer (DVD)

Kino's Journey Volume 2: Emerging Lanes (DVD)

Kino's Journey Volume 3: Warning Curves Ahead (DVD)

Lady Death: The Motion Picture (DVD)

Maburaho Volume 1 (DVD)

Madlax Volume 1 (DVD)

Magical Meow Meow Taruto Vol. 4 (DVD)

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi Vol. 1 (DVD)

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi Vol. 2 (DVD)

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi Vol. 3 (DVD)

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi Volume 4 (DVD)

Mars Daybreak Volume 1 (DVD)

Mars Daybreak Volume 2 (DVD)

MD Geist

Miami Guns Volume 1 (DVD)

Mobile Suit Gundam F91: The Motion Picture (DVD)

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Volume 1 (DVD)

Moeyo Ken Vol. 1 (DVD)

My Beautiful Girl Mari (DVD)

Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok Vol. 1 (DVD)

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth

Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion

Overman King Gainer Exodus 4 (DVD)

Panda Z Volume 1: Let's Try to Find Our Future (DVD)

Paranoia Agent (DVD)

Perfect Blue

Place Promised In Our Early Days, The (DVD)

Planetes Volume 2 (DVD)

Please Teacher Volume 1 (DVD)

Please Teacher Volume 2 (DVD)

Please Teacher Volume 3 (DVD)

Please Teacher Volume 4 (DVD)

Please Twins Vol. 2: Sibling Rivalry (DVD)

Please Twins Vol. 3: Only For You (DVD)

Please Twins Vol. 4: Twins Forever (DVD)

Princess Mononoke (DVD)

Princess Tutu Volume 1 (DVD)

Princess Tutu Volume 2: Traum (DVD)

Real Bout High School Volume 1 (DVD

Real Bout High School Volume 2 (DVD)

Real Bout High School Volume 3 (DVD)

Real Bout High School Volume 4 (DVD)

Reign: The Conqueror Volume 1 (DVD)

Reign: The Conqueror Volume 2 (DVD)

Reign The Conqueror Volume 3: Domination (DVD)

Roujin Z

Sakura Diaries Volume 1: Secrets & Lies (DVD)

Saiyuki Requiem: The Motion Picture (DVD)

Samurai Gun Volume 1: Cocked and Loaded (DVD)

Samurai Gun Volume 2: High Caliber Entrapment (DVD)

Samurai Gun Volume 3: Lethal Influence (DVD)

Samurai Gun Volume 4: The Bitter End (DVD)

Samurai X Reflection Director's Cut (DVD)

Scrapped Princess Vol. 1: Family Ties (DVD)

Scrapped Princess Vol. 2: Melancholy Wagon Tracks (DVD)

Scrapped Princess Volume 3: Traveling Troubles (DVD)

Scrapped Princess Volume 4: Spells and Circumstances (DVD)

Samurai Gun Vol. 4 (DVD)

S-Cry-Ed Volume 3: The Other Side (DVD)

S-Cry-Ed Volume 4: Aftershocks (DVD)

S-Cry-Ed Volume 5: Evacuation (DVD)

S-Cry-Ed Volume 6: Final Fight (DVD)

SD Gundam Force Volume 2: New Allies (DVD)

SD Gundam Force Volume 3: Heroes United (DVD)

SD Gundam Force Vol. 4: Unknown Dangers (DVD)

Serial Experiments Lain: Navi

Shadow Skill Volume 1: Fight for the Ones You Love (DVD)

Slayers: Dragon Slave

Steam Detectives Case 1 (DVD)

Steam Detectives Case 2 (DVD)

Steam Detectives Case 3 (DVD)

Steam Detectives Case 5 (DVD)

Steam Detectives Case 6 (DVD)

Stratos 4 OVA (DVD)

Tenchi in Love

Tenchi the Movie 2

Tenchi Universe, Tenchi on Earth, Vol. 1

Tenchi Universe, Tenchi on Earth, Vol. 2

Those Who Hunt Elves Volume 1

Tree of Palme, A (DVD)

Twilight of the Cockroaches

UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie Preview (DVD)

Vampire Princess Miyu (DVD)

Vampire Princess Miyu (Haunting)

Wandaba Style Vol. 1 (DVD)

Witch Hunter Robin Volume 2: Belief (DVD)

Witch Hunter Robin Volume 3: Inquisition (DVD)

Witch Hunter Robin Vol. 4: Fugitive (DVD)

Wolf's Rain Volume 5: War for the Soul (DVD)

Wolf's Rain Volume 6: Paradise and Poison (DVD)

Wolf's Rain Volume 7: Final Encounters (DVD)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Volume 1

Yugo the Negotiator Volume 1: Pakistan (DVD)

Yumeria Volume 1: Enter The Dreamscape (DVD)

Yumeria Volume 2: Tossing and Turning (DVD)

Yumeria Volume 3: End of a Dream (DVD)

Yukikaze Volume 1: Danger Zone (DVD)

Yukikaze Vol. 2: Fog of War (DVD)


Anime Preview

Anime Preview One: Maburaho and Elfen Lied

Anime Preview Two: Madlax and Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu (DVD)


Spiffy Anime Stuff

Armitage III (3D Animation from Japan

Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Soundtrack

Dragonball GT Final Bout (PSX Game)

Evangelion Unit 00 Prototype

Evangelion Unit 01 Test Type

Evangelion Unit 02 Production Model

Kaneda Action Figure (Akira)

Manga Overtkill (Action Figure)

McFarlane Anime 2 Figures

Real Bout OST

Ryoko Figurine

Saint Tails DVD

Soultaker (3D Animation from Japan)

Trigun: Spicy Stewed Donuts (Soundtrack)

Urd Figurine (Ah! My Goddess)

Vampire Princess Miyu Soundtrack

Vash the Stampede Action Figure (McFarlane Toys)

Vash and Wolfwood Action Figure (Kaiyodo Toys)


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