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Overwatch Heroes get Updates. Hanzo Buff, Soldier Nerf?

General Recoil Recovery Aim Compensation can now be disabled for Ana, McCree, and Widowmaker. The option can be found under the “Control” tab in the “Options” menu. Simply select the appropriate hero under the dropdown menu and look for the “Hero” section Developer Comments: By default, weapon recoil recovery is overruled by downward crosshair movement. […]

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Overwatch: How to play as Zarya

Zarya is one of the strongest characters in the game but so often used improperly and that renders her nearly useless. We put together a few tips on how to play Zarya but frankly the biggest point to make is PING YOUR ULT STATUS. Zarya has one of the best ults in the game but […]

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Bringing back the Dead: HotS 2.0

Many of us got hyped when Blizzard announced changes into their MOBA – Heroes of the Storm. Overhauled progression system, improved interface, a new map and A LOT of freebies. The last one is especially exciting – All who log into HotS before 22nd of May get to claim a 20 hero bundle for free. […]

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The Uprising has fallen

It was fun while it lasted! As the 1st of May passes, Blizzard sticks to their promise and removes the Uprising event from Overwatch. For those of you who happened to be on holiday from 11th of April till today a few words of introduction. Uprising was a seasonal event, in which players could for […]

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E-Sports Team

Taking A Look At An E-Sports Team

Imagine for a moment if your life consisted of living in the same house with a group of friends playing video games and making money. With very little exaggeration that is exactly what some E-sports teams do. They live in the same house, practice the video games that they play, and promote brands that have […]

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Ultimate Gaming Experience

Creating the Ultimate Gaming Experience

With all of the newest advancements in technology, gaming has the ability to be more captivating than ever. Greater quality consoles with enhanced graphics and gameplay continue to emerge in the market. Furthermore, gaming companies continue to brainstorm ways in which the gaming experience can be improved. From online interaction to hands-free gameplay, gaming companies […]

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GenCon – A Must Attend For Gamers

If the sound of dice rolling across a tabletop is sets you to excitement, or if waiting for the frown or smile of a gamemaster keeps you in gut-wrenching suspense, GenCon in Indianapolis, Indiana is a pilgrimage that you definitely need to take. Started by Gary Gygax, the father of gaming, almost fifty years ago, […]

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Las Vegas Adds eSports Arena to Woo Gamers

eSports is on the rise, and that isn’t news to anyone around here as the NY Times reported more people watched the eSports championships than the NBA Finals last year, but we see more money get pumped into the industry every week and now Sin City is jumping into the arena (pun intended). The most recent […]

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