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Back in the heyday of space shooters, when games like R-Type, Axelay, and Lords of Thunder flowed like honey, there was a little olí shooter from the folks at Konami that snuck onto the Super NES by the name of Cybernator. In it players took command of a mech-like war robot. They had a number of weapons they could use, from Vulcan cannons, to beam weaponry, and even punching the enemy. The real strong point of the weapons was their ability to improve through use. This facet worked much like an RPG. For example, if the player continuously used the cannon it would get more and more experienced, and upon gaining enough experience would increase a level, as a result becoming more powerful. It was a very nice touch. On top of this there was a small jet booster on the robotís back. With this players could fly for a short period of time, allowing them to reach higher, hard to reach points. 



Also, when on the ground players could use the boosters to perform a dash move.

The levels were varied and always provided a challenge. From going through mining colonies, to infiltrating space stations, there was always something different going on. The levels were also very challenging, even with the difficulty on low, making players work hard to complete each stage.



The sound and visuals were top-notch for their time. In fact I remember drooling over the images of the game in magazines wishing I had a copy of my own, then not putting the controller down once I had finally scraped up the dough to buy it.

Even by todayís standards the game is very fun. While the presentation of the game has obviously taken a hit if compared to that of todayís games, the gameplay is still rock solid, providing a great classic arcade gaming experience.

- Mr. Nash


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