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Leisure Suit Larry: Passionate Patti in the Pursuit of Pulsating Pectorals

Larry was back at it again on Nontoonyt Island, this time escaping the love interest of Leisure Suit Larry 2: Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places. After the typical Larryesque meetings with beautiful women (namely Larry busting a move, collecting items to get the woman to sleep with him, then something going horribly wrong) - Larry meets up with his future love interest Passionate Patti. After a misunderstanding, Larry walks into the jungle and now the player controls Patty to try to save our misunderstood hero. This game has everything… beautiful women, cross dressing action, feral pigs, weed (to make hemp rope, what's wrong with you?), and graphic displays of pixilated nudity (only if you can get the raunchiest settings on the questions that is).

This game is not the funniest Larry game (still a hundred times funnier than most games), but it is certainly one of my favorites. The storyline and the hilarious ending at the Sierra studios (especially with the anti-gravity machine for scenes they "shot" for Space Quest II) make this game a classic laugh riot . This is probably the most 



difficult of the Larry games - I must have taken over a year to finish this game and then it only happened when one of my friends lent me his hint book so that I could get past the infamous bamboo jungle maze.


Even  today when I play it, I still have to mess around trying to remember how to do everything in the game and where I acquired certain items to continue the story-line - whatever 


you do, don't lose the manual that comes with the game or you're really screwed (in a Larry sort of way). When playing Larry 3, don't take an analytical solution path - that's not the way this game was designed to be played, take the unorthodox solution - use your bra as a double-barreled slingshot. Dust off your old copies of Larry 3, salute the genius that is Al Lowe and look dejectedly at Sierra for not letting Larry 8 come out.

- Tazman


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