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Super Mario World


super mario world,snes

Has it been that long? Ten years ago Nintendo unleashed Super Mario World, its flagship title for the Super Nintendo, and what is so surprising is how well this game has stood the test of time.

The story is the standard, but nevertheless heroic, "save the Princess and vanquish Bowser." The advanced technological capabilities of the SNES over the 8-bit NES were many and Super Mario World showcased many of them. The big bright graphics were astounding for their time. Donít forget about the animation. The first time you see one of those keyholes open, you'll never be the same. Or what about the way Bowser comes flying at the screen during the final battle?

Gameplay (and replayability) is deep. Mario can perform a wide range of moves (jump, run, spin jump, pick-up shells, etc.) but none more fun that going to town with the cape. Not only can he float over long distances and fly, he can dive bomb the ground and shake things up. And donít forget Yoshi. He and his multicoloured brethren prove to be invaluable allies. Typical power-ups (fire flower, invincibility, 



etc) are strewn about in blocks just as they should be. The game takes many, many hours to complete Ė and even then you might not see everything. This is a change for players that are used to sitting down to a Mario game and completing it in one go. Even after completing it you can go back and discover whole new areas. You can also save your progress at specific points, mainly after you defeat a boss (one of Bowserís children).



Sound and music is still some of the best in the industry even ten years later. These tunes are simple yet addictive, helping to imbed them into your subconscious. Iíve always felt that the audio designers at Nintendo are versed in the art of subliminal music. Something hooks into your brain and stays there Ė even after being away from a game for a decade.

If you still own a SNES itís time to take Super Mario World for another go Ďround.

- Omni


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