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Night Trap


night trap,sega cd


Night Trap is one of those cult games that will probably never die. In 1994 it was released to a public outcry about videogame violence and the abuse of women, and sparked Senate hearings in the U.S. to establish a rating system for videogames.


The premise of the game is that youíre part of an elite force investigating a house where several people have disappeared. One of the agents, played by Dana Plato, is part of a group of girls that is going for a sleepover party at the house. Your mission is to monitor the various cameras throughout the house and, through use of various traps, protect the partygoers. (Isnít voyeurism great?) Gameplay boils down to being in the right room at the right time to catch the Augers, minions of the vampires, which infest the house, by hitting a few buttons on the gamepad. Itís played out in realtime so it can be played from beginning to end in under an hour. If too many Augers make it into the house or one of the girls gets a nasty transitions between cameras are smooth. Part of the problem is looking catheter inserted in her neck the game is over. As things heat up youíll have to help the girls escape the house, trapping Augers just before they pounce. Timing is key. Youíve got to be in the correct place at the right time to trap the Augers, but thatís only half of it. The Augers have to be within range of the trap to be caught. If you miss them, the trap will spring but the augers keep moving. The traps themselves range from the simple trap door to more elaborate contraptions, which are quite fun to operate.




All of this is implemented in FMV, at a time when FMV was the next big thing. The video is quite grainy, but it flows very well, and that most of the interesting character exchanges will be missed if the player is tying to catch the Augers. Some of the dialogue is downright hilarious! Witness the commander checking up on Dana Platoís progress by knocking on the door and using a Jamaican accent! Overall, the acting is fairly good for this era of gaming.



The violence doesnít hold a candle to movies released around the same time or the FPS games of today. There are only a few instances where you might say, "Eww."


Night Trap isnít so much a game as a "choose your own adventure" movie. To catch all the the Augers youíll have to play the game repeatedly, noting the times when Augers are detected and cycling through the rooms to find them the next time through. And at the end of the game, after capturing the vampire family in the traps, Dana Plato leaves the house and thereís a shot of a lone Auger moving down the hallway. This one is ripe for a sequel!

- Omni


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