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Smash TV


smash tv,snes


No game has sucked more quarters out of my pocket than Smash T.V. The game is modeled on the same idea as the movie Running Man, where you take part in an ultra-violent game show for prizes and cash. There are three levels, each with multiple rooms to fight through.

Each room takes up the entire screen with an almost top-down view. (Itís kind of ĺ) Each wall has a set of sliding doors that open to spew hordes of stick-wielding thugs with one thought in mind: beating you to pulp. As the game progresses the enemies move faster and will home in on you. There are a variety of enemies to dispatch and some of the arenas have turrets to take out. Fortunately the producers provide different power-ups to protect yourself. There are rocket launchers, three-way 



guns, and flame throwers to name only three, at your disposal. Shield power-ups are available, too. The most useful power-up, especially in single player games, is a little ball that circles around you doubling your firepower. Plus there are lots of gifts and piles of cash to pickup, adding to your end of round bonus.

Movement is handled via two control sticks. One controls movement while the other controls your direction of fire. It works well but it might take the initiated some practice to master.



The graphics are good. Things are always changing in the arena but you never feel confused. The animations convey all necessary information. When you see your head pop up toward the screen, accompanied with an anguished cry, it means youíre dead. The boss characters are especially well done. Mutoid Man is a fan favourite. The sound effects are perfectly suited for the game, especially the crowd reactions.

The challenge is there, too. At one point, I was so good at the first level I could march through using only one quarter. But the remainder of the arenas would see quarters drop through the slot at an alarming rate. Playing with two players does not decrease the difficulty but it does increase the fun. To lighten things a little there are a few bonus rounds where you have to run around and collect as many prizes as possible.

Iíll always remember this game for the announcer saying, "Big prizes! Big money! Youíll love it!" Smash T.V. is pretty mindless, but itís fun.

- Omni


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