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Streets of Rage 2


streets of rage 2,sega genesis

One year has elapsed since the events in Streets of Rage. Since then the relative peace has been shattered and Adam, one of the SoR characters, has been kidnapped by Mr. X. Itís up to Blaze, Axel, Max (Adamís friend) and Skate (Adamís brother) to rescue their comrade and restore order to the City.

Each character has five attributes that rate their effectiveness. Max is the most powerful, but also the slowest. Skate is quick but weak. Axel is mid-range but has the most moves. Blaze is fairly quick on her feet and has the shortest skirt youíll ever see in a videogame. (When Blaze jumps I swear you can tell sheís not wearing any underwear!) There isnít much challenge getting through the levels. The regular thugs offered arenít smart. Most of them you can walk up to, grab, then pummel and flip onto the ground. What they lack in smarts they make up for in numbers. At times there can be ten characters on-screen. Slow down happens in these instances but for the most part the action is smooth. End bosses can be hard as hell, but some of them are very susceptible to jump kicks. There are a lot of different moves in 



your arsenal, no matter what character you choose. And thereís the standard lead pipes and knives available to protect yourself. Playing with two players gives you another move. Player 1 can grab Player 2 and throw him, delivering a powerful jump kick or a kick to the chest of nearest enemy. Once the mechanics have been mastered (about 10 minutes into the game) most players will have no problem getting halfway through the game before dying.



The graphics are very good, especially in comparison to the first game. Every character is bigger and more colourful. The backgrounds are good, too. Youíll fight your way through a Disney-like theme park, a cityscape, a baseball field and a skyscraper elevator, to name but a few. Sor2 is too long! It doesnít offer enough variety to keep players interested. Fights break down into routine. Punch, punch, grab, knee, knee, throw. Rinse and repeat.

Sound and music is good. Music is an amalgam of disco-techno-new age tunes and fits in quite well. The sound effects can grate on the nerves, particularly Axelís yell. The punching and kicking sound effects are good though. There is lot of base to make it sound like youíre connecting.

Streets of Rage 2 isnít a five-star game, but if you go for repetitive sidescrolling punch and kick games you could do a lot worse.

- Omni


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