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The Immortal


the immortal,sega genesis


Before Diablo, there was The Immortal. This classic Genesis game had the distinction of being one of the goriest games of its time.


You assume the role of a wizard who is lurking through a dungeon where the Immortal resides. The isometric 3rd Person view allows the terrific graphics to be showcased. The dungeon itself is of solid design – lots of puzzles, demons to defeat, and trap doors. When the wizard encounters a demon the view changes to a close up allowing the detailed gore to be shown. (Also makes combat easier.) The wizard, whose "name is not Dunric!" is equipped with a piddly-looking dagger, which doles out plenty of damage, a staff. As the demon gets worn down the wizard can perform a finishing move, just like in Mortal Kombat. For example, the wizard can slice a demon from thorax to groin or whack off the top of its head to catch a 



glimpse of its pulsating brain or send a bolt of lightning through it, baking the demon to a nice golden brown. But there are also many other dismemberments that would make Clive Barker proud. The Immortal is a hack and slash game in the grandest tradition. Of course, there are magical runes and scrolls to use to cause all sorts of mayhem (fire balls, etc.) But they don’t come close to the satisfaction of sending a demon back to Hell is several pieces.



The puzzles range from key finding exercises to incredibly hard floor tile puzzles. But once you figure out the puzzles and map out the dungeon, finishing the game is easy. There are no random maps, at which point the game becomes easy and very short in comparison to Diablo II.

The sound effects are top notch – all the hacking is suitably squishy – and the music is good.

It’s worth the time to revisit the forbearer of today’s hack and slash dungeon games.

- Omni


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