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Game Editorials Archive


Curse of the Noire Monkey - LA Noire represents a huge missed opportunity for serialized DLC.


An Open Letter to Mike Morhaime - Axel takes issue with Blizzard's choices for Diablo III in this open letter to Blizzard President and Co-Fonder Mike Morhaime.


M.R.I. #15: GFW Radio, A Very Nintendo Apology, and Lo-Def Cables - Rants, raves, and mostly random thoughts from Aaron.


Ethical Gaming - Discover the connection between hot dogs and overworked/underpaid developers.


Well, It's New to Me! Mr. Nash looks at the trend of games dropping in price a few months after they come out.


Playstation Network Outage Affects More Than Just Gamers - Syd takes look at the affects of the PSN outage on developers.


Here We Go Again - Better tech and the better graphics to go along with it are about to increase the price you pay for games.



Raiding the Franchise Vault - Sega has a ton of classics that they haven't touched in years.  Is it time to revisit them?


Are Gamers Too Negative? - There's been some suggestion that gamers complain too much of late.  Is this really true?


Sayonara, Azeroth - After playing the game for half a decade, Mr. Nash has finally decided that it's time to quit World of Warcraft.


Cataclysm: A Few Weeks In - It's been a little while since WoW's latest expansion came out.  Mr. Nash let's us know what he thinks of the experience so far.


MRI #14: THQ Montreal and the New Business Casual - Aaron attended THQ's grand opening of its Montreal studio and he had some thoughts.


A Decade of Games - Axel reflects on the last 10 years of games and his personal life.


The Armchair Empire: A Monument to My Failure - Aaron writes about the two-sided monument that The Armchair Empire has become.


10 Years of the Empire - Mr. Nash briefly reflects on the site turning 10, and how he has changed as a gamer over that time.


Raving Rant: Call to Arms - Axel takes EA and THQ to task for their latest hijinks.


Raving Rant: Cutting the Cord - Axel's brain (figuratively) explodes about some recent developments in DRM.


How Do I Break into Games Journalism? - Aaron lays down the truth about breaking into games journalism.


Raving Rant: The Down Economy - Axel talks about "outplacement services" and a new career.


MRI #13: The Brodeo Reunion at PAX '09 Edition - Aaron has his final word on the Brodeo Reunion.


The Present and Future State of Music Games - Sidd takes a look at what music games means for the games industry.


Raving Rant: How to Save the Games Industry - Axel spills the secrets to saving the games industry.


Is Summer the Most Underrated Season for Gamers? - A discussion of whether or not the summer time deserves more respect.


Put Our Hands in the Air, and Wave 'Em Like We Just Don't Care? - Now that everyone is jumping on the motion sensor bandwagon, what does this mean for gaming?


Point-Counterpoint: Are Fanboys a Bane or Blessing for E3 - Arguments for and against fanboys and their place in E3.


Final Fantasy XIV: Thoughts and Theories - Mr. Nash discusses the recent announcement of the latest online Final Fantasy, and where he'd like to see the game go.


M.R.I. #12: The E3 Experience and Waiting 4 Milo - Aaron takes a look at Milo, Natal, Left 4 Dead 2, and virtual E3 attendance.


Raving Rant: In the Can - Axel Cushing talks about games to movies and what Chris Roberts did...


M.R.I. #11: SNIKT! Zombies! Exclusives! Thief 4! - Early details on Thief 4, a personal revelation and more!


Raving Rant: Close the World, Open the Next - You'll have to pay to read this rant.


Is the DSi Worth It? - With its release not far off, Mr. Nash mulls over whether he even wants the handheld.


Wreckage: EGM Gone, 1UP Changes - A look at the recent shake-ups at 1UP.com and the long good-bye for EGM.


Raving Rant: The Year in Review 2008 - A "Year in Review" round-up for 2008, which included the disbarment of Jack Thompson.


Raving Rant: 4th Edition is a Curse - Raving takes Hasbro to task for the 4th Edition D&D Rules.


Full Disclosure - Aaron takes "full disclosure" to heart and dishes out a big helping of Truth!


The Brodeo: In Memoriam - Aaron marks the passing of the best gaming podcast on the 'net.


M.R.I. #10: Yu Suzuki Where Are You? MadWorld? Infinitely Bad Things Happening in Space! - This one takes a look at NCSoft's drive to collect your DNA among other things.


M.R.I. #9: Gamer DNA in Space, Lazy Gamers, and Boobs-a-Plenty - Title pretty much says it all.


M.R.I. #8: The Randomness Returns - E3 2008 - After a year-long hiatus, the randomness returns with this quick look at E3 2008.


The ESA Stars in "Massive Ocean Swells" - Omni offers an editorial on the interesting choice of keynote speaker at the upcoming E3.


Raving Rant: A Royal Hypocrisy - Raving Army turns his sights -- not literally; he's responsible -- on Stephen King, Entertainment Weekly and gangsta rap.


We Must Dissent - Raving Army goes on a colossal tear about the supposed dangers of DirectX 10. uses some pretty impressive vocabulary along the way.


Once I Think I'm Out They Pull Me Back In - Mr. Nash talks about WoW after returning to the game from taking a year away from it.


Finding the Balance - DT Mathers explains why crappy games on Nintendo's hardware is a good thing.


Puppies in a Wasteland - Omni explores the stinking realm of video game forums.


You Don't Understand Our Genius! - A rant about Sony and Factor 5's recent complaints on Lair's review scores.


The Fourth Quarter is Almost Here...Again - Nothing quite instills a mixture of joy and rage in gamers like Q4, just ask AE's Jeff Nash.


Affected / Effected - Omni takes a look at some games that have altered his brain function.  And that's not in a good way.


M.R.I. #7 - Omni takes a look at the "shows" of the Big 3, Ziff Davis "celebrity" sightings, and "Game of Show". 


M.R.I. #6  - Omni ruminates why nobody puts Baby in a corner, Halo 3 Multiplayer and E3 Free.


M.R.I. #5 - Omni takes a look at Sony's Dead Goat, EA Canada and Those Infernal Achievement Points.


M.R.I. #4

Changes at 1UP, Webcomics, and Omni Wants to Know "What Video Games Would Jesus Play?"


M.R.I. #3

Taking a look at the GTA IV commercial, "proper" game reviews, and the recently announced PSP price drop.


M.R.I. #2

Omni takes a look at some recent News items, including the E for All Expo and Xbox 360 Elite.

More Randomness from the Internet

Omni starts a new series that tackles some of the weeks more interesting and bizarre gaming news.

Episodic Mal-Content

Is episodic content really taking off, or just the latest industry buzzword.


On Lik-Sang and Sony

Was Sony in the right or just a big bully in shutting Lik-Sang down.


A Bag of Hammers vs. Me

Omni reveals a secret shame.


PS3 Delay + Shortages = Apocalypse

There is a lot of hype around the new Sony console, but not a lot of units ready for launch.  How will gamers cope?


Back in the 1800s

Whatever happened to games featuring cowboys, Industrial Age England, and swooning fans?


Bye-Bye E3

E3 is no more, and Omni discusses who is to blame for this.


How Can We Save Magical Story Hour?

Stories in games could use some improvement.  While there is the occasional gem, many narratives appear to target a specific sub-group of tweens.


Take These Tears and Shove Them!

When it comes to games, Omni says, "Big boys don't cry!"


The Difficulty with Difficulty

Challenge is important in a game, but determining just what is a challenge to a gamer can be, well, challenging.


My E3 Wrap-Up

Danny Webb shares his thoughts on E3 2006.


E3 2006: Have Games, Will Travel

Lee Cieniawa gives his thoughts on E3 2006.


Wii: What's in a Name?

Omni seems to quite like the new name for Nintendo's next console.


Wii Are Not Amused

Since Nintendo announced that they were renaming the Revolution the "Wii", Jeff Nash has been rather miffed with the whole thing.


Happy Birthday Zelda!

It's already been 20 years since Zelda was released. Time sure does fly!

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The 2000 Omni Awards

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Physical Improvements to Gaming Rigs...

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Buzzwords That Omni Will Never Use

The Frightening State of Voice Acting in Games

Why Adventure Games are in a Coma




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