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Special Features Archive


Retrospective: Super Hero Games - Aaron takes a look at 8 of his favourite super hero games of the last 14 years.


Fan Expo Vancouver 2012 - Aaron provides some highlights of the recent event!


A Radical 20 Years: The Next 20 Years - On the eve of the launch of Prototype 2, we turn our eyes to the future!


A Radical 20 Years: Trials & Tribulations - Part III examines the recent years of dramatic change at Radical.


A Radical 20 Years: The Middle Years - Part II takes a look at the games and simple survival.


A Radical 20 Years: Founding - Part I of a look at Radical Entertainment's 20-year history.


8 Things I Noticed About the GTA V Trailer - D.D. Nunavut breaks down the recent trailer of Rockstar's juggernaut series.


Time Capsule: The Next Game Gods - Let's all open the November 2000 issue of PC Gamer!


Time Capsule: Computer Gaming World #199 - Not every time capsule is buried in the ground!


Project: HISTORY Part XII - The explosive conclusion to the epic 12-part game design doc.


E3 2011: Thoughts and Memories - Syd Bolton gives us his take on E3 2011


Project: HISTORY Part XI - The ultimate in fishing with electricity.


Project: HISTORY Part X - Ghetto winds up without a leg to stand on.


Project: HISTORY Part IX - A Madballs merchandizing tie-in and flashback to Ghetto's past.


Project: HISTORY Part VIII - What is the Shirley Temple Program?


Project: HISTORY Part VII - Takes a look at a battle with Earth and Lesser Gelatinous Creatures.


Project: HISTORY Part IV - Chunnel #5 pays homage to H.G. Wells.


Project: HISTORY Part V - Explore the re-creation of the Shlamp civilization!


Project: HISTORY Part IV - Part four introduces the game proper and the Alchemy Dragon.


Project: HISTORY Part III - Part three looks at the location: Big Planet #7.


Project: HISTORY Part II - This second part of the series looks at the central protagonist.


Project: HISTORY Part I - The first installment of Aaron's game design document.


Pieces: An Explosive End - A game series is close to celebrating its 20th year.


Bring on the TRON Games! - Syd takes a look at TRON games, past and present.


Would You Believe Your Future Self? - Aaron puts the question to Ryan Scott, Jo Garcia, Sarita Viramontez, and Ken Yeeloy.


Time Capsule: An Email to Jeff Green - Aaron chats with Jeff Green about an email from the distant past: the year 2000.


Futzing Around in Cataclysm - Mr. Nash talks about some of what he's seen while wandering around the beta for Blizzard's next World of Warcraft expansion.


Heroes of Newerth: Open Beta Launch - A rollicking action/strategy in the vein of Defense of the Ancients goes open beta.


Time Capsule: Legends of Future Past - Aaron takes a look at a classic ad from Computer Gaming World.


A Night at the Opera - There's tons of great music in video games, and this article take a look at some of it.


The Armchair Horror Movie Guide - Axel takes a look at the best of the best of horror flicks.


The Jewel Case of Horror: Spooky Games for Halloween - What are the best games to play this Halloween? Find out!


Mr. Do vs. Pac-Man - Syd Bolton pits Mr. Do! against Pac-Man, in this first of an on-going series.


Building the Perfect Rig III

Axel Cushing continues his ongoing series about building a gaming PC.  In this part, he looks at hard drives, RAM, and floppy drives.


E3 2007: The Circus Has Left Town

Lee breaks down the latest E3 in his massive retrospective, which includes the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.


Final Fantasy Advent Children

Brendan Lynch discusses why this movie did and didn't work.


Dissecting Final Fantasy VII

Brendan Lynch takes a good, long look at what some argue is the best console RPG ever.


Why God of War is Like Dragon's Lair

Syd discusses similarities between these games released 20 years apart.


Games in Need of Sequels

An ongoing series where we talk about great games that have disappeared, but need to come back.


Vista and Games For Windows Hits the Street

Matt Enis attended the recent press launch for Vista and Games for Windows and he give us a rundown of Microsoft's attempt to demystify PC gaming.

Turok Part II: Holy Dynamic Foliage, Batman!

Turok Part I: Bigger, Louder, and Better

Stickers and Used Games

Hate the icky gunky left behind when removing stickers from your games?  Read on for a variety of solutions.


The Top Ten News Stories of 2006

We run down the most captivating, hyped, and bizarre news stories of the past year.


Video Game Collecting: The Pitfalls of Modern Consoles

Building the Perfect Rig II

Sony Gamer's Day 2006 Wrap-Up

Building the Perfect Rig Pt. I

Madden Curse Strikes Again!

Why Fanboys Aren't Going Away

The Name Game II

E3 2006: Shifting in Transition

The Name Game

The Life and Times of the Sega Master System

How's My Driving? - An examination of the lead up to the Xbox 360

Homebrew Confidential: Sony PSP

Four Years and Still Scratching

Looking Back

I Can't Believe I Bought That!

Further Nostalgia From the Last Five Years (Give or Take)

Great Games for Busy People

How an Aside Became a Five-Year Plan

Half a Decade and Still Eating Spam on a Regular Basis

E3 2005 Part III: Scantily Clad and Ready to Game!

E3 2005 Part II: Standouts and Wallflowers

E3 2005 Part I: Dry Scones and Horrid Coffee

E3 Chronicles: The First 10 Years

Playstation Holiday Party 2004

Gamer's Night Groove

GBA Video: The Little Screen that Could

Trip Down E3 2004  Lane Part II

E3 2004: PSP Hands-On

Trip Down E3 Lane: 2004 Edition (Part 1)

E3 2004 Summary 2: Sequel City

E3 2004: Halo 2 Hands-On

E3 2004: Summary 1

Second Coming of the N-Gage: N-Gage QD

Baseball 2004 Round Up: Part II

Baseball 2004 Round Up: Part I

N-Gage: Trailblazers Get Eaten by Bears First

Holiday Xbox Buyer's Guide 2003

Sony's Gamers Day 2003

The New ESRB Ratings Dissected

E3 2003 in 3D!

E3 2003: More Hands Ons...

E3 2003: A Few Quickies and Random Snapshots

A Trip Down E3 Lane (Part 2 of 2)

A Trip Down E3 Lane (Part 1 of 2)

Preparing for the Rampaging E3 Beast

How to be a Game Reviewer: Unabridged Edition

GameBoy Advance SP

End of Year Awards: 2002

Playstation Revelation

Nintendo: Hello, Gaming!

G4: Television for the American Gamer

E3 2002: The Overview

E3 2002: XBox Picks

E3 2002: Best of Show - Adventure, RPG, and Platformer

While You Were at E3...

E3 2002: Best Platform Games

E3 2002: Auto Modellista and More Random Snapshots

E3 2002: Panzer Dragoon Orta and Star Wars Galaxies

E3 2002: Best of Gameboy Advance

E3 2002: Random Snapshots

E3 2002: Nintendo Press Conference

More Action Figures, PLEASE!

The Sum of All Tom Clancy’s Splintered Raven Shield?

Nintendo 2002 E3 Sneak Peak

Capcom in2002

How to be a Game Reviewer

The 2001 Armchair Empire Video Game Awards

The Dream is Over

E3 First and Last Impressions

Retrogaming, Philly Style

McFarlane Toys 2001 Toy Line-up

TurboGrafx 16: What the Bonk Happened to it?

Xbox: Looking to the future

A Salute to Space Shooters

Mergers and Diverters: Big Companies in Gaming

TV Shows That Will Never Be Made Into Games


Top 10s (and 5s!)

Top 10: Bits of Stuff from the Last 10 Years - Aaron digs into his foot locker and finds all sorts of treasures.

Top 10: 2009 - Aaron takes a look at some personal highlights of 2009.

Top 10: Gift Guide 2009 - A Top 10 to help you get something for the gamer in your life!

Top Ten: Best Cleavage Part IV - The list of cleavage continues to grow!

Ten Games that Deserve Top Quality Remakes, Part II - Included in Part II: Solar Winds, Crusader, and BattleTech.

Ten Games that Deserve Top Quality Remakes, Part I - Included in Part I: Meat Puppet, Syndicate, and Master of Magic.

Top 6 Least Livable (Videogame) Cities - You think your neighborhood is rough?

Top 5 Gamers' Worst Nightmares

The Top 5 Studios that are No Longer with Us

Classic Console Villains

Game Characters I'd Go on a Pub Crawl With

Top Ten: Best Cleavage Part III  

Top Ten: Best Cleavage Part II 

Best In-Game Quotes 

March of the Giant Robots

Bearded Edition

Best Cleavage

Best Ninjas




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