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Eve Online Goes Live in China


June 13, 2006






CCP Games sends word that beta testing has officially started in China for their sci-fi MMORPG, Eve Online.  According to the publisher, on the first day the server was opened up, there were 30,000 Chinese players that hopped on.  Also, the game has had over 200,000 players sign up for the open beta so far.


“It was quite amazing to see the population of EVE China exceed the population of Iceland in the second day of open Beta testing.” said Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CEO of 


CCP Games. “EVE China has been an exciting collaboration project and continues to be so, as we continue to refine the experience to accommodate for the steep growth rate of both our English and Chinese worlds.”


“The enthusiastic response of the Chinese player community to EVE Online is rewarding,” said Kjartan Pierre Emilsson, Managing Director of CCP Asia.  “We believe that our unique ‘one world’ design, great flexibility in character advancement, and social game play are a perfect fit for the highly dedicated and knowledgeable Chinese player base.”


Not surprisingly, the Chinese player base will have their own server cluster that runs independent of the one currently in place for Western gamers.  This is most likely due to language barriers, not to mention possibly restrictions put in place by local authorities.

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