Denis Dyack Interview

Denis Dyack is the Creative Director for the multiplayer game with the title of Eternal Darkness, which was produced for the Nintendo Gamecube platform. Denis is a long time veteran of the gaming business, starting out as an intern at GameQuest Studios back in the early 90’s. His latest project, the aforementioned Eternal Darkness is a multiplayer game with a little bit of horror-film effects added into the storyline.

Aside from being the creative director for this project, Denis was also part of the creative writer’s department which came up with the plot and storyline. This shows how deep Denis’ involvement with the project is. He is very passionate about his projects, but most especially this one. It has been one of his lifelong dreams to add some horror-flick elements to his games as he has teen-aged kids who love watching horror films.

On a special mall tour, we caught up with Denis and sat down with him for a few minutes to discuss his latest project and ask him about his upcoming project/s, if any. He gladly obliged and regaled us with stories about what goes on during the production of video games that the public would ever know.

NA: So Denis, tell us about your latest project?

DD: Well, first of all, I am inviting anyone who loves video games to try out our latest offering, Eternal Darkness, which we are promoting right now. We have a mall tour all across the country, the schedules you can find at the booth we have set up at the mall concourse. This latest project of ours is I could say, our best game we ever produced to date. It’s got every element of a suspense thriller. It’s got action, it’s got gore, violence, mystery, and we threw in a little bit of comedic effect, just to break down the monotony at times.

NA: That’s interesting. You always have the flair to add unexpected twists to your games.

DD: Well, we try to attract the interest of new gamers, but also keep the loyal fans coming back for more, because they know there will always be something new to look forward to in our games. We try to keep things fresh, trying out new angles, new scenarios. And I think that’s is our little secret to our recent success.

NA: You’re pretty confident that your new game will sell. I admire your supreme confidence.

DD: Why, thank you for that. My team will never put out a half baked product. The people will know even before they play your game. Plus, word of mouth travels pretty fast. You can’t fool these kids nowadays. Social media spreads news like wildfire. So once you get a negative feedback from one, be sure to expect a barrage of negative feedback coming your way. Besides, if you have no confidence in the product that you come out with, then you have no right to be in the gaming business.

NA: What can we expect from Eternal Darkness which is different from other games coming out this season?

DD: Well, off the top of my head, one thing that’s different about our latest game is the incorporation of new elements into the game. There’s mystery, there’s magic, suspense, horror and a few other surprises for players to uncover during gameplay. In order to get to these items, you need to find a special port key to get access to them.  Well, I won’t reveal too much lest I ruin the fun for those who might be watching this podcast of yours. Go get your copy of Eternal Darkness, out now!