Luis Jones Interview

Luis Jones was a QA Tester during the production of Entropia Game. The original game was created as a virtual world, where players were able to interact with other players online. The job of a QA Tester is very complicated. You are tasked to play the game, test different scenarios with the characters and see how it fits into the overall scheme of things. You have to test all possible scenarios, to find out if the program should ‘react’ the way it’s supposed to when you do a certain task. As a QA Tester, you have to play the game over and over again, to see if the desired results will be achieved based on choices you make while playing.

Luis is a long-time QA Tester and has more than 10 years experience testing games for different companies. The number one perk of being a QA Tester is that you get to play the game long before it is released to the public. Also another perk is the fact that you are getting paid serious bucks for playing a game! I mean, how cool is that?

We caught up with Luis one day and had a brief interview session.

NA: Hi Luis! Good to see you again. Tell me about your experience on the Tester Labs for Entropia?

LJ: It was an awesome experience, dude! We were treated like VIPs. We stayed in a deluxe lounge, fully air-conditioned, the best ergonomic gaming chairs, which transforms into a sleeping cot, should testers decide to take a short nap before resuming a game. Of course, the food was also great. You name it, they had it. Sometimes I even thought, am I at a restaurant or a gaming facility? That’s how pampered we were as game testers for Entropia. They really put in all the bells and whistles for us. In fact, it’s one experience I’ll never forget. It was amazing, It was awesome!

NA: Do you think QA Testers are being treated well?

LJ: Yes, I would say so. Although there was a time when testers like me were being looked down upon by the geeky weirdos that create these games. But lately, that relationship has changed dramatically. Maybe those geeks finally realized the importance of testers. Without us, their games will never be perfect. Because we do point out the flaws of their game design, what needs tweaking here and there. So, basically we turned into their number one auditors and showed them where they could make improvements to their design.

NA: Is there a downside to being a QA Tester?

LJ: Not really. I mean it’s a career, dude. Where else can you find people wanting to pay you for playing a game? Well, not counting professional sports of course. But my point is that people like me who lacks physical prowess to perform on a basketball court, could very well succeed in a virtual world, all things being equal. One downside I could see is that after a while, people get tired of playing these games. They cite fatigue, boredom due to repetitive tasks and lack of growth as a person are usually the reasons people leave their Tester jobs.

NA: What advice can you give to aspiring QA Testers?

LJ: You must learn to love what you are doing. If you could do that, no matter what kind of work you get into, you won’t have any difficulties at all. On the actual tasks a QA Tester does, you must be inquisitive enough to ask questions a player would likely think of. So keep an open mind on things. And be imaginative!