Jeremy Soule Interview

Jeremy Soule took the gaming world by storm when he introduced his radical games online, which dealt with some adult content. Were they controversial? Yes, that’s why the internet was brewing with tense buzzing. Was it pornographic? Well, the artist begs to differ, since no actual body parts were shown, but the implied assumption was that it was shown, although not explicitly. The argument was so controversial it even reached the halls of congress. It was presented by a group of concerned citizens who were clamouring for it being taken down from the internet. But then again, some liberal groups are supporting it and even gave their backing to Jeremy should the battle enter the courtroom.

So that’s how Jeremy got his fame, or is it infamy? It all depends on where you stand on the subject. Or based on your principles, whether you’re a liberal or a conservative. Someone has got to draw the line somewhere.

The case has been shelved since. And Jeremy went on to work on a new project, this time a more traditional first person shooter our generation is so accustomed to playing. What follows is a short exchange between Jeremy and myself in an informal chat:

NA: So Jeremy, you’ve obviously ruffled some feathers, all the way up to Congress. What do you have to say for yourself?

JS: Well, first off, it was not my intention to ruffle anyone’s feathers. I came up with the idea for the game, my colleagues thought it was cool, and would be a welcome change from the usual plethora of generic games that has come out in the last five years. I wanted something different. I didn’t think it would blow over and gain mainstream media attention as it did. That just illustrates the power of (social) media and the clout it has today. In a way, I may have achieved my original goal here, which was to wake up the public and raise awareness to a whole new level. The game may have been banned, but at least I got the people talking. Whereas before, people would go on about their own business and not care what the next person does.

NA: You have no regrets having done what you’ve done?

  1. No regrets at all. You know, life is too short to mull over regrets, on speculations, what-ifs. I don’t operate that way. I would rather ask, what next, and that’s exactly what I’m doing now. If it didn’t work well, move on to the next task and see where it takes you. That’s my philosophy in life. I’m not gonna change just because my attention got called. I’m just going to keep doing what I do best. I’ll worry about what others say about it later.

NA: Speaking of, what’s your next project?

JS: Well, like I mentioned earlier, I strive to steer away from controversial issues and start making games which the people will enjoy playing. I do hope this time that people will be more receptive and welcoming. That’s the best I could hope for. Despite all the trials, I’m still thankful that my family is still behind me 100%. And so is my team at Kruger Studios. I owe alot to them, for their understanding and support through all these challenging times.

NA: That’s a wise decision for you to make.

JS: To tell you honestly, it was the easiest decision for me to make. I have to stand by my craft, and I have to stand by the people who are so longing for the game we are making for them. Thinking about that made it so much easier to sleep at night.