Jez San Interview

Jez San is a DevOps Engineer at Konami Gaming Company. Konami is Japan’s first game development company and has produced thousands of game titles which has become a household name for gamers worldwide. His entry into the game development industry is quite an interesting story. As a young teen, Jez was like any normal Japanese teen. He was fascinated with Anime, watched cartoons every day, and of course played a lot of video games.

Because of this, he became a well-respected gamer in Japan, as he soon rose among the ranks of the elite in the arena of online gaming. This is gaining popularity in Japan, and this was bolstered even more when Jez represented his country in the World Series of Gamers held in Amsterdam late last year. Although he was a relative newcomer compared to his seasoned opponents, Jez stuck it out and fought with grit and courage that he has earned the moniker Jez “Balls of Fury” San.

During one of the tournaments, we caught up with Jez and had a quick conversation with him. We were able to ask a few questions, and basically picked the mind of a true Japanese gaming legend.

NA: Greetings, Jez San! Welcome to the show. How do you like your new-found popularity, especially among the millenials?

JS: I feel honoured that people look up to me and all that. It’s really flattering to think about it. But, of course, I appreciate that people appreciate me, and recognize my accomplishments in the gaming world. When young millenials look up to me and ask me ad me tips or advice, I feel like I have a great responsibility on my shoulders. Of course, I have to give advice that should bring positive change to anyone asking for it. That’s it, I feel responsible, at the same time I feel thankful. So, thank you to my dear fans.

NA: Has your role as DevOps Engineer helped you in your gaming skills?

JS: Absolutely, most definitely yes. Being a DevOps Engineer has taught me how to think logically. Like I would think, if I designed this game, how would I want others to play through it? Being a DevOps taught me to think critically and to analyze the situation I am in. In fact, I could say I have the same guiding principle in life which I follow strictly. So, if you ask me, I think gaming is a serious business, like brain surgery. The difference is that I get to have fun while in the game. But then again, I’m not a surgeon, maybe they enjoy what they do as well.

NA: You have such a profound impact on the younger generation. Any advice you could give them?

JS: TO all young people of the world, if you’re listening right now, listen closely to what I have to say. Because this could be the only advice you’ll ever need to get through in life. Alright, here it is: Listen to your instinct. This is very important. Don’t let naysayers discourage you from pursuing what you want to pursue in life. It’s your life, man. Take control of it! It’s like when you’re in a game. You enter a strange world. You don’t know what lies ahead. What do you do? Listen to your instinct! In the end, this will lead you to your destination. And when you get there, it will be so much more satisfying if you had played the game by following your gut. So always remember, when in doubt, listen to your instinct! Do that and you will never go wrong, in life or in the world of gaming.