Ryan Shaw Interview – On Knights Of The Old Republic

Another one of the Star Wars series that made the transition from the movie screen to the gaming arena is the Knights of the Old Republic. Whenever this happens, this usually means that the movie is a big hit and that there is a market for a game of the same title due to its popularity. It is common knowledge that Star Wars is one of the most successful movie series ever to be produced and it’s hard to argue with that.

We sat down with Ryan Shaw, one of the Creative Directors for the game version of this very successful movie franchise and had a short interview with him. He talked extensively about how the film industry is slowly but surely invading the gaming arena, which is not entirely a bad thing, in Ryan’s expert opinion. He even thinks it’s a mutually beneficial situation for both the film and the movie arms because they could have a far-reaching effect and get a larger share of the market altogether.

Ryan Shaw has been involved with Star Wars since the days of The Empire Strikes Back. Here is the transcript of our conversation with Ryan:

NA: Hi Ryan! Thank you for having this interview with us today. How does it feel to be a part of the most successful movie franchise in history?

RS: Well, the answer to that should be pretty obvious. I mean, come on, man. Anybody would love the opportunity to work with George Lucas. If you could put that in your resume, you will never have to look for a job, because jobs will come looking for you. If you work for Lucas Films, you will be considered an elite in your field, no matter what it is. To answer your question, to which the answer is pretty obvious, working here is a dream come true for anybody. And that includes me. It’s a no-brainer, man.

NA: Alright. I can see you are all pumped up. Tell me something about the game?

RS: The game is actually a prequel to Star Wars, as the story is based on events 4000 years before the rise of the Galactic Empire. This should explain the Old Republic in the title. To begin the game, you choose a character and set up your player profile. There you can choose weapons, special skills and other basic combat settings. You can also have a “party” where you can have up to 2 sidekicks to help you in your combat missions.

NA: What are the special features expected in the game?

RS: I don’t know if you could call it special features, but during the game, you could train your character to become a Jedi master, thereby improving your skill set. You can also discover special maps and special quests to allow you to gain more points and special rewards which you could use in the game.

NA: What is the best part about working at Lucas Films?

RS: The best part about working with a well-known studio is that you can be sure you get the best assets to work with. You also get the best workstations available, all the tools you will need to do your assigned tasks. It’s a very organized chaos, we love to say around here. You might think we’re making a mess and have uncoordinated processes, but the truth is, there is beauty in the chaos that we work in. And this translates to the awesome games that we roll out after several months of painstaking design, development, testing.