Steven Kemp Interview – On Marvel Ultimate Alliance

One of the more famous Action Series based on the comic book version is the Marvel superheroes collection of movies. A lot of the comic books have been turned into big-screen movies. Still others have been turned into video games, another great offshoot from the comic book beginnings.

Steven Kemp is one of the Lead Programmers tasked to make this into a reality. Before joining the team of developers at Raven Software, Steven was a Software Analyst for Apple and before that, served as an Intern at Facebook.

Steven is no stranger to challenges. In fact he enjoys challenges so much that he would join a triathlon even though he was born with asthma. He trained hard and learned to manage his symptoms. He also worked on strengthening his core muscles as well as his lungs. He trains at least 2 hours every day of the week, plus 6 extra hours on the weekends.

He was tapped by Marvel to help the development team build the gaming engine on which the game Ultimate Alliance will anchor on. He works with a team of a dozen or so developers, programmers and analyst working together to build a stable, flexible gaming engine.

NA: Hi Steven! So nice to talk to you today. Are you having fun working at Marvel?

SK: Hey dude! It’s nice talking to you, too. Well, let me put it this way, fun does not begin to describe it. I mean look at this place, it’s literally a giant playground for young adults like me. It fits me perfectly well because I live an active lifestyle. So yeah, everyday is a fun day here at the office. I mean I couldn’t imagine anyone ever complaining about working in such a nice and relaxing office atmosphere like we have here.

NA: I could imagine. Tell us more about your latest project?

SK: That’s another one of those exciting parts of working here. The project that we’re working on is a very popular series, so there is instant name recall to the public. That’s an advantage for us, It’s easier to sell something that people are already familiar with, as against something relatively new and unknown to the majority. The game itself deals with our Marvel superheroes, of course. It’s a battle between superheroes and supervillains. Of course in the end we want the good to reign over evil. But it’s all up to the player, actually.

NA: How does this compare to the other games you have developed in the past?

SK: Well, its a lot different, because this project already has a strong following from our avid fans. On the other hand, the past projects I worked on started as virtual unknowns, but because of great design and also by word-of-mouth, they became very popular and had its own share of fandom to speak of. So for me, it’s a win-win situation.

NA: How does this stack up with the others in terms of satisfaction?

SK: I can’t speak for this one yet, because it has yet to go public. It’s hard to compare without knowing how the people will respond to this one. As for personal satisfaction, I always take pride in my work that I produce, so they offer the same kind of satisfaction, maybe a slight difference as to the degree, but only minimal.

NA: Any wise words for your followers?

SK: Just follow your dreams. Work hard. Play Harder. If you do all these things, I’m 100% sure you will get nothing but positive results which you so desire.