Old Man Murray Interview

Old Man Murray is the Creative Director of the game Revelation, another MMORPG game title which has millions of players around the world. The game is gaining popularity especially among the younger generation of players today. He got the moniker Old Man Murray from his early days at Blizzard Entertainment, where he started his career as a cleanup artist. He was a young man back then, but he acted well ahead of his age with his wise, soothing words and his very mature outlook in life. The moniker stuck with him and he has been known as such from that day onwards.

Although still quite young at 48, Old Man Murray has had years of experience tucked under his belt. As such, while gaining more experience, he rose up through the ranks and is now a Creative Director for a major gaming company. It is safe to say that he has definitely come of age, no pun intended.

We caught up with him at a NV Trade Show, which he frequently visits. He explains to us that one of his passions aside from video games is collecting farm equipment miniatures. The best place to get those is in a Trade Fair.

NA: Hello, Old Man Murray! Nice to bump into you again. What have you been up to lately?

OMM: Hi there young man. Well, aside from my hobby collecting farm equipment minis, I have been busy on a project which is a new game expected to be released 2nd quarter of this year. We have just completed wrapping up the details, so I had a little bit of free time and so I ran down here to catch this trade show.

NA: Tell me more about your latest project?

OMM: Well, it’s a very interesting game. I mean, I don’t play a lot of games myself, but this one I am starting to get hooked on it. The game is very futuristic. With a lot of realism put into it. It’s engaging, entertaining, a lot of fun to play. Of course, you might think I’m being biased, being the Creative Director and all. But no, it’s very rare that I gush and rave about a game. And I’m doing that right now, like I’m a kid let loose in a candy store.

NA: How is it different from other games you made before?

OMM: Well, for one, the team put it together on a spanking brand new gaming engine. The supporting structure or the underlying architecture is very bleeding edge technology. It uses new technology to speed up frame rates by at least a dozen times faster than the conventional gamin engines previously touted. We have upgraded our algorithm to take advantage of new hardware technology, thus making an overall user experience truly one-of-a-kind.

NA: Wow. You really are excited about this project.

OMM: Well, like I said, I’ve never been involved in a project with such a promise. The whole team is excited. Being the Creative Director, I am given a lot of the credit for what goes on behind the scenes. But this time around, I want to give credit where credit is due. The whole team did it! Not one particular group did exceptionally well. It was a total team effort. And we hope this translates into more success for our team.

NA: I’m sure you all deserve the accolades. Any closing message for your followers?

OMM: I would like thank the people that never got tired of us. Our loyal fan base, our hard-core gamers. It’s because of you that we continue making great games everytime. You inspire us to outdo our best efforts.