Opera Nintendo Interview

Here at Armchair Empire, we’re big manga and anime fans. A few of us have Nendoroid figures on our desk, most of us have Crunchyroll subscriptions, and all of us have read/do read manga. This is why it was such an honour to interview Opera. For those who don’t know, Opera Nintendo is a world famous Graphics Illustrator, best known for his iconic illustrations of Manga characters, when Manga was just starting to become popular. His latest project is the game called Shadow of Souls, which was recently released to the public earlier this year.

First off, I admire the guy for having changed his name to such a unique moniker. This just goes to show you that there is no limit to one’s creativity, even in choosing a name which you shall be known by. But by now, everybody who’s a gamer knows who this guy is. His name is synonymous to gaming, as we all know that Nintendo is one of the pioneer names in the world of gaming.

We had a chance to have a short but sweet interview with the guy who is a legend in his chosen field of specialization. His illustrations speak for itself. It has become his trademark, so that once you see one of his artworks, you’ll know it’s his just by looking at it. In a way, his illustrations became his trademark, which he has become known for. Just by looking at it, you’ll know it’s a Nintendo masterpiece.

NA: Hi Opera. Or should I call you Nintendo? You have such a unique name. I’m sure you get that a lot. Can you tell us why you have such a unique name?

ON: First off, it’s none of your business what I call myself. Only kidding, dude! No seriously. I changed my name on purpose to add a little bit of color to my daily existence. Well, as you have astutely observed, it’s a unique name, it’s hard to forget, easy to remember, that kind of thing. So when I thought about what to name myself, I knew I had to think of something that’s easy to recall.

NA: You have made a name for yourself with your illustrations. What is your biggest achievement?

ON: Like you said, dude. I made a name for myself by doing what I do best. And not only doing it, but doing it the best way possible. There’s a slight difference, but it makes a huge impact if you just consider making the small adjustment for yourself. When I start out on working on an illustration, the first thing I do is immerse myself on the subject. I try to study it for a day, at least. By doing this, I get my creative juices flowing. That’s all the motivation I need.

NA: You are considered a legend in your field. Does this affect you in any way?

ON: Not really. People call me a legend, or whatever. But that is for their sake. It is for their consumption. It does not have to affect me. So, I don’t let it. If people call me a legend or whatever, it doesn’t bother me at all. But I don’t let it get into my head, as well. I take it at face value, as the old adage goes.

NA: What can you say is your biggest advantage over other illustrators?

ON: I don’t think I have any advantage over anybody. Nor the other way around. To me, this is not a competition. I’d much rather think of it as a collaboration. We may not be working together, but if you’re doing something and I’m doing something not directly related to what you’re doing, we’re not in competition, but we’re both doing something positive. That to me is the best way to work. So, I don’t think in terms of advantage or disadvantage. I prefer to think in terms of your share, my share. Everybody wins!